Product Update: May 30-June 5

Product Update: May 30 - June 5

5-Jun 2018 • Product
Hugh Cowling PRODUCT & QA

With June in full swing, we've got our foot flat on the gas to bring you another month full of helpful product updates and improvements! So, let's get straight into it...

Client Portal - Ticket Permissions: By popular demand, our team has expanded the permissions for the Tickets module in the client portal, meaning you can now limit the visibility of tickets to just the ticket contact. Of course, you can still use the Client Portal Access Groups feature to give specific users the permission to view all of their company's tickets.

portal ticket

Custom Profile Fields for Retainers: To bring retainers up to parity with the rest of the core modules in Accelo (e.g. Sales, Projects, and Tickets) we have opened up the Custom Profile Fields feature to work with Retainers too. This means when creating a new Retainer, any applicable profile fields will be displayed. For more info on Profile Fields and how they differ from other Custom Fields, please see this article.

Exchange Email Sync Fix: While rare, it was possible for the email sync to fall behind if a user's mailbox contained a large number of Accelo email notifications. These emails were skipped because Accelo already knows about them, but if there were too many they could mask real client emails from being detected and synced. We've updated the sync logic to avoid this issue. 

UI Improvements at Low Resolution: When viewed on lower resolution devices, such as tablets or notebooks, we noticed that some screens such as View Company and View Sale were not rendering as nicely as they could. This update improves the layout and sizing of containers to optimize for lower resolutions.

Renaming Attachments Bugfix: A few users reported problems with using the "Rename File" feature for a file/attachment in Accelo. It turns out this process was not sanitizing the filename to ensure only allowed characters were saved.

iOS App Updates

  • Monthly View of the Timesheet
  • Filters & Sorting of the Timesheet list view
  • Fix Crash on Timesheet external events
  • Introduce a toggle for sending a notification when submitting a meeting report

Accelo Public API Updates

  • Added job templates endpoints
  • Support for repeated keys in API filters
  • Fields not being applied when listing profile field values on jobs
  • /contacts/_forms/fields endpoint does not show profile values for affiliations


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