Product Updates: Nov 6 - 19

Product Updates: Nov 6 - 19

20-Nov 2018

While much of our development team push ahead with a brand-new Create/Edit Ticket experience and our soon-to-be-demoed Activity Templates feature, we've also sorted out many smaller improvements and fixes over the last week or 2:

Task Template update for Projects & Quotes: In continuation of the improvements to our create & edit task experience, we've updated the interface for editing tasks when working with quotes, projects and project templates to be consistent with the new design. More task updates will be announced in the coming weeks.

task layoutQuote PDFs - even more customization: When previewing a quote, the table of services and table of materials each has a title row which wasn't very customizable. Now we've linked this title row to the custom labels available in the left-hand settings area, so if you click in and edit the Materials or the Services label, the table headings in the PDF preview will update to match!

quote headers2

New Email & Activity Privacy Preferences: To ensure your important client-related conversation are not over-censored (or under-censored) from the rest of your team, we've expanded the privacy preferences to include 2 new options. Head to your Preferences page (from the menu which appears under your avatar) to check them out!

new privacy

Added "Start Time" to Timesheet Report: In the Detailed export available from the TimeSheet Report screen, we've added a new column so you can see the recorded start time of your team's work logs.

Allowing multiple contact > company links: This change is actually to restore a feature which was inadvertently removed when we recently upgraded the create/edit company & contact experience. It ensure that if you really need to create a 2nd link between the same company and contact, you can (such as to record their alternate company email address).

Disabling browser auto-complete behaviour: We noticed some users were experiencing trouble with filling out company and contact details because their browser was trying to auto-complete the name, email and address fields - a feature which isn't helpful when dealing with client data. We've made some changes to ensure these fields are flagged to be ignored by the browser auto-complete features.

Xero - Pushing an invoice to deleted contact: This improvement ensures that if we push an invoice to Xero and the contact on Xero's side was previously removed, instead of failing to push the invoice we will create a new contact on Xero's side for the invoice to link to. Future invoices pushed from that company in Accelo will then use the new contact too.

Project Planning - re-calculating predicted dates: Some users found that updating the planned dates of a project (while editing the project plan) was not consistently updating the predicted dates. We've fixed this by ensuring the planned dates always re-calculate when milestones or tasks are changed in the planning screen.

Friendly reminder for IE users to upgrade: For those using Internet Explorer to browse Accelo, we've added a little suggestion to encourage switching to a more modern browser to ensure an optimal experience. Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari are all compatible ;-)

Project Boundary Dates fix: A handful of customers noticed a problem with the boundary dates on some of their projects. It turns out that if the job was created and activated in the same action, then the boundary dates were not properly calculated, preventing users from re-scheduling tasks and milestones on the fly.

Adding Request Sender as Team Member: When a request is converted to a ticket, you can configure a special action to ensure all contacts that were part of the original customer email are added as team members (aka contributors) on the ticket. This feature has been updated so that the sender of the email is also added as a team member (as well as typically being the ticket contact).

Attaching multiple files via drag & drop: That's right, when working with the new Create Task or Create Activity modals, you can now attach multiple files at once by dragging & dropping a selection of files into the body area - handy!

Sales list - improved Show Inactive option: This button will now pay strict attention to the underlying status of your sales (aka opportunities; prospects) as to whether they are considered inactive or not. Previously we were looking at the Won, Lost, Cancelled or Abandoned dates being set, which was confusing if you had, for example, abandoned a sale only to re-open it. Because the abandoned date was still set (for historical purposes) the list screen would treat it as inactive despite the status being open/active again.

Expensify Import fix - handling rate/mileage: There was a bug with the import process which was causing expenses with a unit price and qty to be calculated incorrectly, making the expense value look much much larger than reality! All sorted now.

Project planning screen performance: On investigation of a few reports of slowness in this important screen, our team spotted a few areas of the code where some small performance gains could be made. These are now in place so users with very large project plans should notice some improvement.

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