Product Updates: April 16-29

1-May 2019

Here's another round of tidy product updates and fixes, with a special emphasis on improving the usability of the Quotes module:

Updated Text Editor for Quotes

The text formatting toolbar found in the Quote content editing area was a little outdated and in certain cases a bit buggy to use. Fortunately we had already started rolling out a newer version in other places across Accelo, so updating the editor in the Quotes module was a smooth transition.

quote rte 2

View Quote after creating within a Sale status progression

Based on user feedback, we've changed the Sales progression action to "Create Quote", so that at the end of the status progression, instead of taking you back to view the sale, you will now be viewing the quote.

Quote Estimate - Ability to Reorder Materials

We heard that being able to customize the ordering of materials within a quote was important for grouping similar materials together, especially when dealing with many many materials - as it can be easier for your customers to read if the materials are grouped and ordered in a deliberate manner. Now you can drag and drop to re-arrange them, which will reflect in the final quote PDF.

material movegif

Show assignee avatar when choosing tasks and issues

To make selecting the correct task a little easier - when you are creating an email, note or meeting activity - we've added the avatar of the assignee on the right-hand-side of each task. This might be especially helpful if you have split a task between 2 or more users and need to know which is which!

task avatar

Add Option to Customize Ticket/Issue Submitted Date

When a ticket (aka Issue) is created in Accelo, we were always setting the submitted date according to the date of the first client email/activity - which means the created date of the ticket might be today, but the submitted date could be from last week if that is when the customer email or request (related to the ticket) initially came into Accelo. Rather than continuing this rule of law, we've added a new setting in the Edit Type screen for tickets so you can choose to have the created date take precedence, if that is more suitable to your workflow.

issue date tog

Allow Physical Primary addresses on Edit Company

When creating a company you might set the Primary Address as one of the companies physical locations, but then when editing the company, this primary address field was only allowing Mailing addresses to be selected. This bug has been corrected so that either type of address are valid for the Primary address.

Invoice Work Detail: Option to Summarize by Object

Including work detail (time logs) on your invoices just got a little more advanced with the option to show a summary of time by each work object (e.g. ticket, project) - rather than individual time logs.

Highlighting the current day on Schedule Dashboard

To make it that little bit easier to get your bearings, we're now calling out "today" (the current day) with some yellow highlighting in the Schedule Dashboard

sched today

Contributors export now includes custom fields

For anyone using the Contributors (aka "Team members") feature, you might have seen that it is possible to set-up custom fields on contributors, but if you went to export the list of contributors for a project (for example), this export was missing the custom fields. This is handled properly now.

Client portal - Allow impersonation without invite

We recently improved the way that contacts' client portal access is managed, but had one small issue with impersonating a portal user's account: You couldn't impersonate (to confirm their access was suitable) unless they had also been invited to the portal. This has been rectified such that you can impersonate a user's view of the portal at any time.

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