Product Updates: Aug 13 - Aug 26

Product Updates: Aug 13 - Aug 26

27-Aug 2019
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It's that time when we share some brief updates on product improvements and fixes, including the new Task Status filter for Schedule Dashboard which we also announced on our general blog.

This neat little change lets you limit the workload shown in the dashboard based on the status of the task:

Retainer renewal invoices also respect billing terms

Just a few weeks ago we extended the billing preferences (that you can configure against each of your clients) to set the default payment terms (days) when invoicing. While this change was welcomed, we realized that for invoices created automatically in the Retainers module, this setting was not being adhered to. This oversight has been addressed. 

Create template while editing quote estimate

Due to popular demand, we've added an option to convert the quote estimate into a project plan, from within the quote estimate editing screen. So if you've crafted a particularly useful project outline and are thinking it will come in handy for a future quote, go ahead and turn it into a template :-)

quote temp button

Total profit column for project export

If you'd been manually stitching together the services, materials, and expenses profit numbers in the project export - good news: We're now including a column to show the total profit for each project.

Notify staff manager for all activities

When setting up your notification preferences in Accelo, you can opt to be notified (via Cc or Bcc) when any staff that you are managing happen to send or receive emails, notes & meeting. However, when those activities were logged directly against a client (not on a project, ticket, sale, etc) we were ignoring your preference in an attempt to "save your inbox." This override has been lifted, so if you are seeing a lot more notifications, consider changing that preference!

Option to hide tax when creating expenses

We've heard that for many of you, the tax situation with expenses is so consistent that it would be simpler to hide the tax details from the user when they are logging expenses - and just let the expense type apply the appropriate tax inclusive or exclusive setting.

So when configuring an expense type, we've added the "Hide on creation of expense" flag for the Tax Options area too:

hide tax

Allow collaborators to reimburse expenses

Collaborator licenses are free, as they're meant for users who contribute to the business in an operational or administrative way - but not tracking billable client work. Marking expenses as "reimbursed" seemed like a reasonable collaborator-level function, so we've relaxed this permission so that these users can carry out that task.

Exclude future meetings from Last Contact date

Scheduling a future meeting with a contact was also setting the date of "Last contact" with that person, which didn't make a lot of sense for most uses of that field! After re-jigging the calculation, we're now able to exclude those future meetings until a user enters their meeting report, signifying that the meeting did take place.

Fix for unlimited retainer periods not expiring

Accelo allows you to set up a retainer with a period that has an unlimited duration, which means it has no expiry date. However, if you wish to create a second period within that retainer, and the first period has not closed, then we must expire the first since having 2 concurrent periods is not permitted. This important business logic was failing in some cases, making it hard to manage unlimited retainers, but has now been resolved.

Fix for Comments and Worklogs not Syncing with JIRA

One of the most important aspects of Accelo is its time tracking utilities, and the insight which it offers to your company's profitability and invoicing. This is especially true for your development team as a high-value team that's always in demand.  To make it easier to factor your development team's time into these critical insights, the JIRA integration automatically syncs your team's Worklogs and Comments with Accelo. The integration encountered an issue where certain scheduling settings for projects could prevent those Worklogs and Comments from syncing successfully, throwing off time tracking numbers in Accelo. We've fixed that issue, and are working to import any Worklogs and Comments which were missed, in bulk.

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