Product Updates: Aug 27 - Sep 9

Product Updates: Aug 27 - Sep 9

10-Sep 2019
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In case you missed it, we moved the feature of Pausing Projects & Tasks from beta into full production since all reports there were positive! We have also made a number of improvements and upgrades in the past couple of weeks:

Paused Task filter for My Schedule screen

During the beta period mentioned above, a few users noted that it would be ideal for Paused tasks to be hidden from the Schedule work list underneath the My Schedule graph. To honor this request, we introduced a handy filter option so you can hide and show them as you see fit:

pause mysched


Minor formatting improvements for PDF Invoices 

When invoicing for multiple objects - like a project and a retainer - the line items were split into separate tables, with headings that included the icon and text that might have shown [PROJECT] - which came off as clunky. We've removed the icons and simplified the text for a more refined look.

Task Checklists now show in email notifications!

Yep, whether you're subscribed to all the things task notification related, or just a few of them, and that task has a checklist, the details of that checklist are now included in the notification. This is obviously helpful if you were often opening the task in Accelo just to confirm if there was a checklist!

checklist notif


Fix duplicate requests being created from staff Fwds

You may know that your staff can forward a client email into Accelo to quickly convert that email into a request under that client/contact. Recently this process was causing some requests to be duplicated. This issue has been fixed.

"Logged for" date merge field

If you're a fan of logging time as fast as possible in Accelo, then many of your time entries may be auto-completed. This feature has now been enhanced so that the date you are logging the time for can also be stamped into the body of the work log e.g. if you log some time for last week, that date can be included in the body, which makes it look more distinct from the time and date when the log was created.

work log for


"Send Invites" Box Disabled for Exchange and Office 365 Users

 When you schedule a meeting in Accelo, the Send Invites box is presented as a way to select whether invitations should be sent to the meeting's attendees. This can be helpful when you're retro-actively creating meetings in Accelo for work which has already occurred, or as a future reminder for who to speak to when doing some work. 

We recently found that this functionality is not available in Exchange or Office 365, which send invitations to all meeting attendees automatically.  We've now updated the Create Activity tool to more accurately describe this behavior for users of the Exchange and Office 365 integrations.  

send invite notification

New Notification for Office 365 Users when Task Dates are Changed

Boundary Dates are used in projects to set limits on when your project's tasks must begin and be completed by. These boundaries are especially important for adaptive projects, where you allow your team some flexibility in terms of when they begin and complete their tasks as long as they fall within the boundaries. These boundaries are enforced everywhere you can see and update a task's date in Accelo, from the Task Board to integrations with Office 365, Gmail, etc. When users attempt to select a date that is outside the boundaries, Accelo will normally prevent them from making that change and inform them of the boundary limitation.  

When task dates are changed outside of Accelo, the system still enforces boundary dates by automatically updating dates, which were set outside of the boundary to fall within it again. However, we noticed users were not being informed of this change, and it led to confusion. We've now implemented a notification which will automatically inform users when a task's date is changed in order to satisfy boundary dates.

Directly linking to tabs within a view screen

If you are looking at a particular tab within the View Company page, such as the invoices tab, or the contacts tab, and attempt to share the URL with a colleague, it wouldn't fully work. The company page would open but the specific tab you had selected wouldn't be highlighted...until now. We've made those tabs smarter by creating proper anchors for each tab on the view screens.

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