Product Updates: Jan 22 - Feb 4

Product Updates: Jan 22 - Feb 4

6-Feb 2019

Here's the latest product updates and improvements from our team:

Quote with Daily Rates

Before publishing a quote to PDF, you can now choose to toggle the rate and hours to show as days! This only affects the PDF quote - the underlying quote is still stored as hourly rates and hours/minutes so that it can convert smoothly to a project if needed. To ensure flexibility with your daily rates, you can adjust how many hours quantify a day too (with the default being 8).

As you change the number of hours, you'll see the columns on the Services table of your quote update automatically.

rate days

Project dependency configuration improvement

Configuring your project dependencies just got a little easier as we've added clarity to how the two options work. It's also easier to configure a task to start zero days after the previous task - meaning they can start on the same day as long as the first task has finished.

dependency ux

Update Task status when reporting on meeting

The pop-up which appears when reporting on a meeting from your timesheet has been updated to include detail about any linked task - ensuring that you can update the task status or time remaining with ease as you log your meeting notes.

Bookmarking Contacts

Yep, while bookmarking (or favoriting) a client has long been do-able, we haven't supported bookmarking individual contacts. This is now possible by clicking on the Favorite button in the top right corner of the View Contact page.

Capturing empty emails - explanation

When there is no text/plain component of an email, and our capture system can't parse anything from the text/html part, then Accelo would capture a very empty looking email. Now, we'll set a default message/note in the body of the email so your team understand that the email body content wasn't supported.

Reducing duplication of requests

Our team have done some work to prevent reply and follow-up emails from creating duplicate requests after the request was converted to a ticket. These follow-up emails should more consistently stay captured on the issue/ticket.

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