Product Updates: May 28 - Jun 30

Product Updates: May 28 - June 30

9-Jul 2019

In case you missed it, over the last month we shipped some big updates in the form of a new integration: Gusto - plus a big upgrade to our Expenses module. And of course, lots of routine fixes and improvements highlighted below.

Moving started or completed tasks in the Project Plan

When updating your project plan, if a task or milestone had started, then Accelo would not let you adjust the planned dates for the row. In essence, we have lifted that restriction, since there are situations where work starts early and you'd like to recognize this as a planned change. The result is that the little Play and End icons previously shown in the gannt will no longer appear since those rows are no longer locked down.

moving started tasksDisplay Submitter field for Materials 

We've been tracking the submitter of a material for a few weeks now but hadn't updated the UI to reflect this information when looking at the materials on a project, retainer, or ticket. Now this detail is visible, so you can see who is adding materials to your work. Note: older materials may not show a submitter if they were logged before the submitter was being tracked by Accelo.

material submitter

Fix for Retainer Filter on Timesheet Report

A handful of customers noticed that the ability to filter the report based on Retainers was no longer available, for certain users. It turns out that a bad permission check had crept in, which meant that only users with access to the Tickets module would see the Retainer filtering option. This has been corrected now!

Consistent use of Retainer Invoice Service Description

Depending on whether you invoiced for a pre-paid or post-paid retainer, and whether the invoice was raised manually or automatically, Accelo was trying to cleverly adjust the description on your invoice's service line item. This cleverness has outlived its usefulness - so we've simplified things so that what you enter in the field Description on invoice line item is precisely what you get (not withstanding the translation of any merge fields)!

retainer serv descTaskboards - Removing the illusion of task priority

A long overdue clarification here - when dragging and dropping a task on Accelo's taskboard screens, it appeared that you could adjust the priority of a task by moving it up and down in the column. This visual change had no real impact, as we don't have a separate priority or rank identifier for a task (tasks must be prioritized by status, start date, and due date).

This user experience was causing some confusion though, so we have adjusted the drag & drop behaviour to eliminate the ambiguity. More tools for task prioritization are definitely on our radar though ;-)

New Date Range Pickers

To make the flow of choosing a range of dates more intuitive, we are rolling out a better style of the date picker. There are several places you will start to see these, for example, in the Global Search results page:
date range pickers

Quickbooks -  Status Mapping for Customers and Vendors

When importing customers or vendors from QuickBooks to Accelo, we create a company for each. The status of these companies was set based on the first available status in your company configuration area. Now the integrations page has been updated with 2 new settings for you to choose the status that imported customers, and imported vendors should be created with.

Avoid statement reminders for invoices with less than $1 owing

When dealing with invoices and payments between Accelo and other systems, occasionally small differences in tax calculations means that an invoice in Accelo might appear to have 1c or 2c outstanding. These invoices were being picked up during the automated outstanding invoice reminders or account statements, which isn't ideal! Now we're ignoring invoices with less than $1 balance due.

Regional Calendar Profile/Holidays for Groups 

This improvement means that you no longer have one set of country/region's holidays applied to all of your users! Now you can add your users into groups based on their region and then set the appropriate calendar profile for each group, ensuring the correct holidays are recognized in Accelo's scheduling tools for each user.

Calendar Profile 4567
Invoice List - showing the related work

To make managing your invoices easier, we have added an "Against" column to the Invoice List screen so you can see the project/ticket/retainer/etc. that the invoice relates to.

Consistency when clicking through from the Project Dashboard

Our team fixed 2 inconsistencies with the relationship between the Project Dashboard and the Project List screens:

  1. On the Project Dashboard, when a user selects the "Approved, Uninvoiced" metric and is sent to a filtered list on the Projects List Screen, the filtered list no longer includes the following filter: "has it been invoiced?" since this was hiding some relevant projects from the list.
  2. Also on that metric, when you click through to the list, we will exclude Completed projects, since they were already excluded from the metric data.


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