Product Updates: Nov 19 - Dec 16

Product Updates: Nov 19 - Dec 16

17-Dec 2019

These last few weeks of 2019 have been a busy time for our Product team. We spent the time overcoming challenges with our invoice module and Xero integration (which you can read more about here). At the same time, we've also managed to ship out some neat improvements and general updates:

Client Portal Permissions Improvement: Only View Specific Projects

When you invite your customers into the Client Portal, you can grant them access to view the projects you're running for them -  including past and present projects. Now we've added an intermediate option so you can ensure the contact will only have access to the projects where they are noted as the Project Contact.

portal job contact

Recently Viewed Objects

We've added the ability to "Favourite" a Retainer Period, a Quote and an Asset. Now you can easily locate those items of work at a later date.

You'll also find that the following objects are now being tracked in the "Recently Viewed" tab:

  • Requests
  • Purchases
  • Materials
  • Expenses
  • Sign-offs
  • Activities
  • Tasks - Note: Previously, this wasn't working unless you fully opened the View Task screen. Now, just opening the Task modal will record a view.

recent up

Fixed - Blocked Payments 

Due to an error in our system, Accelo was blocking payments on Xero invoices coming in. We've since corrected this, so now payments can be pulled into Accelo as normal. 

Relocate Activity - Tabs Flickering

If you've used the Relocate Activity tool recently, you might have spotted this glitch. The tabbed results were toggling back and forth on their own, which was causing all sorts of issues. We've since fixed this unusual apparition. 

Project "Instant Auto-Start" Setting Improved

When completing a task, the downstream task was not auto-starting on the same day, but instead waiting until the next day. We've improved this behavior to ensure that there isn't an unnecessary delay in the auto-start feature.

Triggers Can Set Custom Number Field to Zero

If you had a trigger set-up to update a "integer" custom field to have the value of "0", this wasn't working. Accelo would not treat that as a real update, and leave the value empty. We have fixed this limitation, which also applies to hidden progression actions. This is useful if you need to reset some custom field values to zero when certain status changes occur on a project, sale or ticket.


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