Product Updates: Nov 5 - Nov 18

Product Updates: Nov 5 - Nov 18

19-Nov 2019
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Here's the latest news and updates from our Product Development teams - and though it might look a little light-weight, rest assured we're not winding down for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but we're charging on to bring you more automation and delightful UX in the near future!

Weekly Timesheet - filter entries by type of work

This new filter option lets you focus on entries related to particular modules in Accelo - e.g. just the activities & emails linked to projects or milestones. This can help hide the clutter when you're looking to finalize your timesheet for client projects.

weekly filter

Enforce Download Button on Attachments

There's a download arrow/button in the Attachments area of Accelo which wasn't strictly triggering the file to download; instead the browser would give you a preview of the file if it thought it could. Since clicking on the filename already triggers the preview, we adjusted the download option to always start the download.

download attach

Sales Dashboard - Fix for dates in Analyze Period

A few users noticed that when using the "Analyze Period" date filters within the Performance section (of the dashboard), sales that sit 1 day after the range were still being included. Our team have corrected this timezone error so that only the relevant sales are included in the report.

Removing Complete tasks from the Deadline board

When adjusting the status filters for tasks within the Task Deadline Board, it was possible to pull completed tasks into view - but it was then cumbersome to remove them. To avoid this situation we've decided to always hide completed tasks from that particular board.

Announcing the New Deep Link Integration with WordStream

At Accelo, we know the most precious resource an agency has is time. That's why our new integration provides digital agencies with a direct link from your time entry, budget and billing tools in Accelo and the ad campaigns you're managing in WordStream, saving time that would otherwise be spent finding and logging in to the right account, and maximizing your team's billable hours.

Learn more about the new integration here.

The Deep Link Integrations with HubSpot Partner Portal, Practice Ignition and Google Analytics integrations are Live!

After completing their beta testing period, we're happy to announce that the deep link integrations with HubSpot's Partner Portal, Practice Ignition and Google Analytics are now available to all Accelo users!

Deep link integrations are a special category of integration offered by Accelo, which focus on saving your team valuable time by providing direct links from your time entry, budget and billing tools in Accelo to the tools that you use to actually perform the work.  Got a tool that you love, but which Accelo doesn't integrate with yet?  Let us know by posting to our Ideas forum.

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