Product Updates: Sep 10 - Sep 23

Product Updates: Sep 10 - 23

24-Sep 2019

There's bound to be something to please from the Accelo product updates we've released over the last couple of weeks. We've curated the highlights for you here.

Team Scheduling: Filter by work type

Due to its popularity in the Scheduling Dashboard, we've added the "Work type" filter to the complementary scheduling tool - Team Scheduling. This filter helps review your team's availability by hiding types of work/time that you aren't interested in - such as time from external calendars, or perhaps auto-scheduled time - updating the graph in real-time.

work type ts


Fix for removing committed time in Team Scheduling

We've resolved a timezone-related bug which was affecting some users in Team Scheduling. It was blocking any remaining time from being removed (from the original assignee's schedule) as you were moving that committed task/time to another user.


Modest performance improvement for List screens

While our product & engineering teams are making big inroads on delivering all-new Custom Reports across Accelo, we aren't neglecting the existing list screens as we know how much they are used! To that extent, we've optimized some of the queries used in our current listing screens to ensure they load a little faster, particularly the contact list when you are working with hundreds or even thousands of contacts :-)

Edit Invoice - adding existing unbilled materials

Based on firm feedback from many of you, we've made it possible to include existing project materials while editing an invoice. This saves you from having to create an additional invoice (or delete and recreate the original) when you really intended to have them in the original invoice.

Simple edit a project, ticket or retainer period invoice - and if there are some unbilled materials available from that work object, they will automatically appear in an unchecked state. Easy!

edit invoice mat
Inbox screen: Seeing meeting location

Your Inbox in Accelo has a neat little update for meeting-type activities: There's now an easier spot for seeing the meeting location, as well as a cool feature when you mouse-over it to copy that address to your clipboard.

meeting inbox

Manager Dashboard - correct leave hours for staff 

This screen includes a "Staff I manage" section which displays the hours your team have logged over the week, but it was operating based on each user's normal working week/hours, and not factoring in their vacation/leave days set-up on the holiday calendar in Accelo. The result was that someone who's taken 2 days of leave in a week would still appear as a resource who should be working 40 hours, rather than 24. This oversight has been addressed.

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