Product Updates: Aug 4 - Aug 31

Product Updates: Aug 4 - Aug 31

3-Sep 2020

It's been almost a month - but your Accelo updates are back to keep you in the loop on the smaller features and fixes we've progressed with. Thanks to all those who have been beta-testing our new navigation. We're excited to be rolling it out more widely in the coming weeks!

Our JIRA Extension for Chrome is back

For any newer Accelo users looking to enhance their workflow of linking tickets or projects between JIRA and Accelo, good news: The extension we built, which runs in Google Chrome, is now back on the Chrome store

This handy browser add-on allows smart search across your Accelo projects, milestones, retainers or tickets when you're working with a JIRA issue and wanting to link it to the related work item inside Accelo.

Accelo's new navigation (beta) - updates

  • The list of "Recently Viewed" items for each module now holds up to 10 items.
  • If you open the search panel before running a search, we're also showing some recently viewed items there - which now include more context such as the status and breadcrumb information for each record.
  • Inbox icon/menu in the top navigation is clickable now.
  • We're now using a simpler "Periods" prefix for the Global Search feature if you're wanting to search specifically on Retainer Periods.
  • Fixed up an issue where search results were sometimes being replaced with results from a slightly earlier, incomplete, query.


Client Portal - Some activities not showing in Retainer Usage tab

Time can be logged directly on a retainer period as well as on the parent retainer. In this latter case, Accelo uses the date of the work log to choose the right period to associate that time against. However, the client portal was not consistently recognizing those "retainer level" activities as being part of the period usage, which might cause some confusion for your clients reviewing their retainer usage. This inconsistency has been resolved now. payments - Avoiding double charges

We've improved the payment processing flow to make it much harder for your clients to accidentally double charge their card when paying an Accelo invoice online. This could have happened if the end user tried refreshing the page after making a payment, or going back/forward in the browser. Many browsers protect the user from this, but some mobile browsers aren't as smart.

After a payment is processed we'll now clear the previously submitted data from the browser to avoid this potential scenario in future.

Clearer "Changes Detected" warning when editing a project plan

Occasionally you're modifying a project plan and when you go to save, Accelo will notify you that someone else had snuck in and edited that same project while you were still drafting your changes. In this situation, you get a prompt like the below.

Simply put, we had some feedback that the wording of this message was a little confusing, so we've rehashed it to be clearer and made the 2 options (for resolving the conflict) more obvious too.

Timesheet Exports - fix download link in Outlook mail apps

When you request an export of timesheet reports from Accelo, we prepare the report in the background and email you once it is ready, with a link in this email to download the report. If you're using our new Amazon s3 site for storage of your Accelo files & attachments, then you might have noticed that these links no longer require a username & password to reach the file. Instead, with the s3 system we can make the file available for a short time using a very long, and impossible to guess, link. Unfortunately this link was sometimes too long for some Outlook Mail apps to handle, so we've slightly reduced it to be more compatible, without compromising the security.

Microsoft 365 - handling users with email address different to their integrated one

Yep, while your Microsoft (Office) 365 email might be, the email on your Accelo profile might be - and this mismatch could cause Joe to be left off some events imported via his colleagues calendar - particularly recurring events. It could also have caused some of Joe's individual events to not import to Accelo. Fortunately, we're now able to work-around this mismatch to ensure all events are syncing correctly!

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