Product Updates: Mar 9 - May 24

Product Updates: March 9 - May 24

24-May 2021

When we launched our Custom List screens, we wanted to support everything the old lists supported, and much more. Knowing that sometimes perfect is the enemy of good, we opted to get all the customization and performance improvements into our customers' hands without delaying any further.

In the weeks since launch, we've made great progress on some of the missed items. This post covers a lot of Custom Lists improvements and fixes, plus a smattering of general product updates.

Multi-Select Fields Can Now be Added to Custom Lists

While all other custom field types (date fields, text fields, currency fields, etc) have been supported in your column and filter configuration from the outset, any fields set up as "multi-select" were not available in the new Custom Lists. We've just rectified this limitation. You can now add those missing filters into your Saved Lists.

Better Pagination for Custom Lists

Chances are you've noticed it... it is much more useful now as you can skip ahead several pages, skip to the last page, or back to the first!

It's not perfect yet; if you adjust the row count (e.g. "Show 50 per page") or click on a column heading to re-sort the results, then you'll jump back to page 1. We'll be monitoring for other issues and assessing further improvements in the coming months.  

Other Lists Improvements Since April 26

There's a lot more to cover regarding the fixes since release, so we'll try to keep it succinct.

  • Added the Rating column for Sales List
  • Added support for all types of "lookup" Custom Fields in Filters and Columns. (Previously, "affiliation" lookup fields, where you link a contact in the custom field value, was not supported)
  • Improved the Global Search behavior (of taking you through to a List Screen) to consider whether a new list screen is available for the selected module (e.g. Projects)
  • Status columns are now colorful!
  • Allowed "core" Company Columns to be displayed on all the other lists (Contact, Task, Project, Sale, Ticket, and Retainer).

    For example, in the Task List, you can include more information about the related company.

  • Allowing "core" contact columns to be displayed on all the other lists. - Coming soon!
  • Team (Contact) Filters for Sale, Project, Ticket, and Retainer list.
  • "No manager" option for the "Company Manager" Filter.
  • Updated the default sorting for the inbuilt "Standard Lists" to be more sensible; e.g., Company List is sorted alphabetically now, and Issues/Tickets are sorted by the most recent Submitted Date.


Activity Stream Fix:  Inline Reply Text-Area not Responding

We had a lot of users encounter a glitch with replying to an activity/email in the Stream of a project, ticket, issue (etc) whereby the reply box would appear to be unresponsive. This seemed to happen if you viewed another tab (like Attachments, or Expenses) and then returned to the Stream tab. This issue is now solved.

Performance Improvements

From a combination of user feedback and performance logging, we've found a few more optimizations in key parts of our app to ensure a better experience for our users, and for our Systems Engineers! This includes better load times for the Daily Timesheet screen and optimizing the process that updates your team's scheduled work each night (so that auto-scheduled time remains current).

Stripe:  Avoid Charging a Customer's Old Credit Card

If you've connected Stripe to Accelo so your customers can easily pay invoices online, some customers might have found that when attempting to pay with a new credit card, Accelo was ignoring this and instructing Stripe to charge the card already on file. We've corrected this process to ensure the card supplied by the customer is the one always charged.

Smoother Searching for Materials in a Quote

A handful of users have found that when quickly typing in the search field as you're selecting materials for a quote, the results were not always returned correctly. We've made this search/filter behavior more robust so it always returns results based on your inputs.

API Security Update

Our team released an improvement to ensure inactive users cannot authenticate with the API unless they are using a service application, which must be set up inside Accelo first.

Duplicate Attachments with Expensify Integration Fixed

Some customers using Accelo's integration with Expensify encountered a bug that was causing the same receipt/attachment from an expense to be pulled into Accelo hundreds of times. We tracked down the change that Expensify made to introduce this bug and corrected the attachment import process to avoid the problem going forward.

Resetting Task Manager When Using Project Templates

Accelo allows you to convert a project plan from a real project into a template so that all your hard work in perfecting the milestones, tasks, and budgets can be saved for similar projects in the future. However, this process was saving the previous Task Manager information into the template. We have gotten feedback that this is not useful when creating a new project from the template, so we have stopped that field from being passed through.

Fix for Custom Rate Being Reset in Issue Types

When creating or editing a Ticket Type, you can choose which Billable Rate will be used by default as new tickets are created with that type. There's also a "rate charged" input where you can override the default rate (e.g. change $150 to $140). This worked perfectly until you revisited the Edit Type page, at which point a bug caused this override field to be cleared, reinstating the normal rate when you save the page (if the override field remained blank). This issue is now fixed.


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