Product Updates: Sep 1 - Oct 12

Product Updates: Sep 1 - Oct 12

By Hugh Cowling
Product Manager
Oct 14 2020 read

It's time to update you on the progress of our big developments, and small! If you haven't already heard, our Reports Product is now live for all users! Thanks to those who provided beta feedback and are continuing to suggest new reports and improvements.

For our Australian customers connected to Xero, thanks for bearing with us as the enhanced 2-step authentication procedures were rolled out. The "Remember device for 30 days" option is now live, so hopefully the 2-step login prompt isn't bugging you much anymore!

We're also getting close to November 2, the date where our new navigation will officially replace the older style. Read on for updates related to the navigation.

New Navigation - Fixes & Improvements

  • Our new navigation includes a more intuitive interface for our global search panel. However, if you chose to focus your search on a particular module (e.g. Tickets), typed some text and then pressed ENTER, we were not opening the Tickets list screen for you. This is now fixed.
  • In the top navigation menu, some of the links under the Tasks > "My Tasks" menu were not applying to correct filters.
  • Inside the Billing menu, of the left-hand nav, the invoices, purchases, materials and expenses modules were not yet respecting user permissions. Now we are showing or hiding these modules appropriately.


Salesforce Integration - Fix to allow new connections

We've reset our Salesforce integration as the authentication methods in our previous version were no longer allowing new connections to Salesforce. Our newer version now complies with the their latest protocols - so if you had been trying to connect Accelo with Salesforce, apologies... but it's fixed now!

Note: This update just addresses the connection issue. No new functionality has been added at this time. We also urge existing users to reconnect to avoid problems in the future with their Salesforce > Accelo sync.

Daily Timesheet Screen - Performance Fix

If you had no active tasks for the day, the Tasks panel on the right of this screen was trying to load active task data for all users in your account (though not displaying this data). This poor logic could have resulted in temporarily slowing down the application, which is why we rolled out a fix with urgency.

Inbox and Request badges loading slowly - Fixed

A handful of customers noticed that with our new navigation, under the Inbox menu in the top right, the badges which show a count of Inbox and Request items were taking a significantly longer to load. We traced this back to some logic that was getting a lot more data than was needed for this feature.

Email signature images missing from Signoffs

When sending a Signoff (within a project or ticket) to a customer by email, while the signoff images were fine, any images normally showing in your Accelo email signature were missing. This has been fixed.

Approval Tool: Rate name was not displaying

A small UI problem cropped up within the Project and Ticket Approval tool, which we've now fixed. If you went to edit the billable rate applied to a specific activity, the name of the currently applied rate was not showing, which was a little confusing.

Team Member section sometimes not showing on Sales

Our team identified a race-condition in the loading of the View Sale screen which occasionally caused the Team Members (AKA contributors) section to not load at all. This problem has been resolved now.

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