Product Update: Aug15 - 21

Product Update: August 15 - 21

22-Aug 2018

With so many major upgrades over the past couple of months, and with our recent Vacation/Leave Scheduling update, we're only just getting caught up with our Q3 priorities! You can learn all about them here. Besides that, we've pushed out some other minor (and just as helpful) improvements over the past week, including:

Invoicing purchased materials: If you've entered 500 units of a material on a project but have only purchased 100 of them from a vendor, it was a little strange that Accelo would default the quantity to 500 when invoicing those materials. So, we've added a new option in the invoice templates area so you can ensure the default quantity to invoice will look at just the units which have been purchased (and not yet invoiced).

Convert a lead to a company more easily: For those using the Requests module to capture new inquiries, you might have noticed that when Accelo can't find an existing client or contact it can save the request against a temporary contact known as a "Lead". Whilst replying to the request will automatically turn the lead into a company + contact, we've now added the option for you to quickly convert the lead to a company/contact in-line from the "Convert" option on the toolbar:

request lead2

Editing user financial visibility setting: Our team fixed a bug within the Edit User screen which could cause the edited user to lose their Financial Visibility permission if the user doing the editing was blocked from seeing/editing the Financial Visibility settings.

Public API & Zapier Updates:

  • New action to “Create Sale” in Accelo with our Zapier integration.
  • New fields on “Create/Update Contact” and “Create Request” Zaperi actions. This means you can add/update more fields on companies & contacts, such as the Phone, Comments, and Cell/Mobile number. 
  • API Fix - filtering and ordering profile values with "date_modified" parameter.

Project Milestones & Task Export fix: In some cases the indentation to represent parent and child milestones and tasks was being lost from the spreadsheet generated by Accelo. This has been resolved.

Project creation & editing fixes:

  • Editing a project and changing the project type will no longer re-apply defaults since this could cause the manager, comments and other fields to be overwritten.
  • Show all existing skills and tags - not just those which have been used in the projects module.
  • Hide retainer/contract field if there are no options to display

JIRA - sync activity/work logged date: Since it is possible to backdate work in Accelo by setting the "Logged For" date of a work log (activity), we realized this date should sync to JIRA, rather than the activity created date, to ensure the work log in JIRA reflects the same date.

Mobile Apps bugfix: Our mobile development team has fixed a problem with the "Decline expense" feature, whereby it should check if the expense is locked or purchased before letting the user decline it.

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