Product Update: June 20-26

Product Update: June 20 - 26

26-Jun 2018

With less than a week left in Q2, we're working hard to tie up a few loose ends, including putting some final touches on our highly anticipated Project Module upgrade! Besides this, we also found time to push out some minor product improvements and fixes over the past week, including:

Project Templates now have tags: Including tags against your Milestones and Tasks in a project template ensures those tags will automatically be carried through when the project template is inserted into a project. Project-level tags are supported too. We won't overwrite any existing tags either ;-)

template tags

Invoice Work Detail - PDF Formatting Fix: Some users were finding that the Work Details table that can be included in a PDF invoice wasn't formatting properly when spread across multiple pages. This made it hard to read some of the work logs and obviously was quite unprofessional to send to customers. This formatting problem should be fixed - and we're working hard on a similar problem present in the Quotes module!

New Invoice Sub-total Merge fields: A handful of users were looking for some simple merge fields to display the sub-total amounts for Service, Materials and Expenses within their PDF invoices. We've added these now - e.g. invoice.materials.subtotal will be translated to show the pre-tax total for all material line items on the invoice.

Restore "Show Inactive Tasks" option: This applies to the Tasks tab found in various places - such as the View Company screen. We recently improved the look and feel of these tabs when there was no active data to show, but inadvertently took away a little option for revealing any inactive tasks. This has been restored now! 

tasks empty

JIRA Time remaining sync: After fixing an issue to stop time logs from unknown JIRA users sync'ing into Accelo, it became evident that the time remaining on the JIRA issue and Accelo task would fall out of sync. This change fixes this problem - so even if all of the time logs aren't sync'd (due to incomplete user mapping) we'll still sync the task time remaining.

QuickBooks Invoice Import: This change ensures that when invoices are imported which include Item/Product codes from QuickBooks, the line items created in Accelo retain those codes. Previously it meant that edits to the invoice in Accelo might unset the item codes on the QuickBooks invoice, which was not ideal.

General performance improvement: The Timers function in Accelo routinely syncs with our API to check for Timer changes from other sources - such as the Desktop Timer application or from Timers in the Mobile app. We've re-configured how and when the timers sync, ensuring a negligible change to the user experience while having a positive impact on our system resources.

Confirmation when deleting custom fields: To give an extra layer of protection when deleting information, our team have added a special warning on the action of deleting a custom profile field from the admin area. This is because this action doesn't simply hide the field and the values - it removes the field and values from all records and can't be undone.

Salesforce Import to Accelo: The "Type" of customer/account in Salesforce can be sync'd with the "Type" category field in Accelo, but it appears that duplicate values were being created in Accelo rather than updating the existing. This should be resolved now for Type and for Industry fields.



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