Product Update: May 16 - 22

Product Update: May 16 - 22

22-May 2018

Wow, can you believe we're already halfway through Q2? We've been hammering away at our Project Dates and Schedule upgrade to give you more automation around project planning. This enhancement will include an option to Autostart, Autocomplete, and Accelerate projects, and a new Gantt Chart that brings together planned, predicted, target, and actual dates - on one screen. (So watch this space!) 

In the interrum, here are some other helpful improvements we've made during the past week which can be utilized right away:

Timesheet Report for Retainers work! This one has been a long time coming. When you're on the Timesheet Report, you can now report on all the work done as part of a Retainer. This includes both direct work on the Retainer, and also work that was part of a Ticket or Project and bundled into a Retainer. 

tsr retainers

Converting External calendar events to billable work on Weekly Timesheet: Bit of a mouthful, but when on the Weekly Timesheet, when you converted an External event to actual work in Accelo, you often were not given the option to make that work Billable, even if the Project or Ticket you put the time against was Billable! The Billable checkbox now appears.

Milestone, Milestone & Task exports now include Non-Billable & Total time: When either of these exports was run (from a Project screen), we were previously only showing Billable time. In addition to that, we now have columns for Non-Billable, and Total time!

Sales CSV Import no longer requires a Contact per row: We've removed the requirement that every Sale in a Sales CSV import has a contact. If the Sale does not have a contact, we'll fall back on the Companies primary contact.

Project Plan date picker improvements: The date picker on the Project Plan screen not only looks visually like the rest of our date pickers Accelo wide but it now also starts on a Sunday, also like the rest of the date pickers in Accelo!

plan datepicker

25 different fixes & improvements for our Android app! Most of these have been little improvements to the usability of our newly launched Timesheet screen within our mobile app. If you haven't had a look yet, for either Android or iOS go take a look at our recent blog post about it.

Unapproved time on Projects List, now includes all time logged: On a Project List screen, the under the Earned Value graph we show how much time is unapproved. Previously that total was only looking for billable time. We've updated it to now look for all time that's unapproved, so billable time is now included!

proj list unapproved



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