Product Update: June 6-12

Product Update: June 6-12

12-Jun 2018

With less than a month left in Q2, we're ramping up to ensure we deliver on all of our promises. We have some very exciting things on the way for our users which we'll share with you soon, but in the meantime, here are a few new improvements for you to enjoy this week:

New layout option for Materials in Quotes: We'd heard from several customers about the need to nest materials under their related milestones/services within a quote. So.. this little setting has been added to do exactly that. When enabled, we'll also include a handy Sub-total row so it's easier to understand the total cost of each milestone (materials included!)

material quote

General performance improvements: Our team are always looking for ways to make Accelo run faster and more smoothly, and this week our team are a little bit proud of some database optimizations they've just turned on which seem to be having a positive effect when loading screens like View Project, View Company among others.

Material Mark-up calculations: It turns out that the default behaviour when applying mark-up on materials - to calculate the price to 4 decimal places - was a bit overkill for most users. So we've tweaked this to simply calculate the result to 2 decimal places. Of course you can manually re-enter to 4dp and we'll accept that too.

Project CSV Import tweak: The "Custom Project ID" field was missing from the field mappings during the import steps, which was an inconvenience if you were importing projects from another system and wanted to copy the old project IDs into Accelo. Fixed now!

Triggers that update Category fields: There was a hiccup whereby the trigger would fail to update the record if it already had an exclusive category value set. E.g. if the Industry was "Real Estate" and you wanted to overwrite it to "Property" it wouldn't work, but it will now.

JIRA Issues becoming Unassigned: Besides our customers, our internal team were being bothered by a problem with the Accelo -> JIRA sync which caused some Issues in JIRA to become unassigned. We've tracked it down and hopefully put this issue to rest.

Progression Action to Assign Work: If you've configured the Assign Work (Status Board) screen to appear as part of a project status change/progression, you might have bumped into this situation: When continuing with the progression, you were redirected to your Accelo home page! All fixed now.

Validate characters when renaming files: A few users noticed a quirk when renaming files/attachments in Accelo if using non alpha-numeric characters (aka "wacky characters") - the filesystem wasn't allowing these characters but the "Rename" feature also wasn't validating to protect from errors - until we recently rolled out the fix.

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