Product Update: May 23-29

Product Update: May 23-29

29-May 2018

Despite being a long weekend in the States, we still managed to power through some annoying little bug fixes and make a few helpful product improvements to bring you this weeks update! Here goes...

Upgraded Project Import: This CSV import is now more robust, easier to use - using the newly standardized wizard - and gives more feedback at the end of the import to let you know how the import ran. This import makes it easier to perform bulk updates on your projects - particularly when it comes to custom fields. If you need to import old projects, this is also possible as the historical start/commenced date of the projects will be respected.

job import

Note: The import doesn't include importing the project plan - please use the Project (Milestone/Template) import feature to import these separately.

Project Plan Gantt chart performance: We've made some minor improvements to the speed of the system when editing or deleting rows in the project plan. If the operation takes a few seconds you'll also notice a little loading box, whereas previously it might seem the screen was frozen.

API - Fix intermittent request failure: When using queries involving staff/users, the API sometimes threw an error - E.g. retrieving a list of activities by staff. The problem has been found and fixed.

Inbox screen - Reply link fix: The "Reply" link at the end of an email/activity in the Inbox screen wasn't working correctly as the recipient wasn't being populated.

False warnings when editing some date fields: When changing the status of some work in Accelo you might be prompted to review or add some custom date information. The validation on these date fields was continuing to bug you even after entering a valid date - but we've fixed this now!

Navigation menu opening randomly in Safari: A few keen Safari users noticed Accelo's "Saved" (favorites) menu in the top navigation strangely expanding and hiding on the odd occasion. This was a quirky browser glitch which has now been corrected.

More precision for Utilization Dashboard: To make this report less intimidating, and to make the data a little easier to digest, we were showing whole percentages (no decimals) and rounding off some of the times to the nearest hour. However the feedback we've had is that showing more detail - and more accuracy - is preferred, so this is how the dashboard will appear going forward; more decimals and more minute values!

util numbs

Task Export - More details: In the Export from the Task List, we have added "Rate Title" and "Rate" Columns.

Android Mobile App: Introduced a toggle for sending a notification when submitting a meeting report.

JIRA - Accelo Integration: Improve linking JIRA Issues to Retainer periods in Accelo. When trying to build the task in Accelo, we now get the current/latest period if we can't find a period which matches the JIRA issue dates.


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