Product Update: May 9 - 15

Product Update: May 9 - 15

15-May 2018

Just like that, another week at Accelo has rolled around, and you know what that means! Here's a list of all the helpful product updates and fixes we pushed out over the past 7 days:

More Activity detail shown when Approving Retainer work: When approving work on a Retainer, at the Activity level, you're now able to see not only who created the Activity, but when it was created. Previously this was only available by opening the Activity in a new tab, then coming back to this screen. It's now far more streamlined, so you hopefully don't need to leave the approval screen! This was already available on Project Approvals, so this change brings the Retainer Approval screen more up to par with its Projects counterpart.

retainer approval activity


More merge fields for Purchases: You could always use merge fields about the Purchase vendor, but you can now merge in fields about the Project or Issue contact on a purchase! We've added a big list of available fields, from name, the phone, address detail and more.

Profile fields improvement: It wasn't possible to enter 0 on decimal and integer profile fields, that wasn't by design, so we've fixed that issue and you're now able to enter 0 for such fields.

New setting to restrict Quote comments visibility: When adding comments on a Quote within Accelo, clients that were either Approvers or Observers by default could see these comments. We've added a new setting in the Add Comment UI to let you decide if you'd like the comment to be viewable by your clients or not. By default it's unticked, so you can be quite deliberate when you want to open up a comment to your Approvers and Observers. 

quote comments


Creating Timers when scrolled down the page had UI issues: At times when you created a Timer, then searched for the "against" object, the results list was positioned badly. This happened more if you scrolled down a longer page. We've fixed the problem!

List screen filtering on Extension fields with "," or "$": If you'd created an Extension field on say a Sale, and were wanted to filter on that value on a list screen, if its value contained a comma or a $, so e.g "$2,000" it returned no results. We've sorted this one out, and you can now filter with those characters without issue! 

QuickBooks Online Accounts Numbers now imported: When we import Account Codes from QuickBooks, we imported the title and various other fields, but we weren't bringing in the account number. If you've got "Enable account numbers" switched on inside your QBO we'll now import them into Accelo for you. 


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