Product Updates: August 27-October 1

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
Oct 5 2021 read

We hope you have been using and enjoying the features and fixes we released over the last month, including: 

  • The improved “Invite User” email template to get your teammates into Accelo
  • The fix for the retainer rollover setting to keep the setting enabled when a user is editing a period
  • The fix for Projects “Autostart Tasks” setting to ensure the setting is functioning properly in all timezones, which allows project tasks to autostart overnight
  • The ability to properly set addresses in a Company CSV import
  • The fix for our rich-text formatting options to ensure the setting loads when a user is composing an email or note activity.

In this edition of the product blog, we will cover some of the enhancements planned for the coming weeks

Google Contact API Upgrade

To keep the contacts integration with Google running smoothly, we’re in the process of migratingto their new “People API”. As part of this update we’re adjusting some of the integration features to make configuring your contact sync more straight-forward, and making the integration more fool-proof. This upgrade will enable the following

  • Improved auto-import of contacts feature and retiring the import wizard
  • Simplified “push” and “pull” contact behavior into a single sync option
  • Created a more robust data management system to track change history, enhance troubleshooting ability and support future enhancements with ease

For more details on how the Google API upgrade will change your experience with Accelo, read our blog post dedicated to this topic.

Holiday Calendar Improvement--Coming Soon! 

Many of you have called out the issues with the existing holiday calendar. Providing a more accurate tool has been high on our list of improvements and we are happy to announce that we will release an improved version in the near future. The improved holiday calendar will provide the ability for users to edit or move the public holidays that are auto-generated by Accelo. If a holiday is calculated on the wrong observed day for your country or region, you can edit the holiday calendar to show the correct holiday on the correct date.

 This improved functionality is available to all users and functions the same as editing a company or user holiday. 

Activity Editing on Mobile--Coming Soon!

In our continuing efforts to improve the mobile experience with Accelo, we have added functionality that enables users to update the activity class and "logged for" date straight from the View Activity screen. This feature upgrade allows users who are not the activity owner to edit the activity detail, which streamlines the experience and saves time for users who are responsible for updating the activity, but may not have created it. This feature will be available to any user who has Edit Activity permissions. Managers should note that they may not be able to fix errors made by their team. 

The edit activity functionality will be available on both iOS and Android. On Android, tap on the “View details on Activity” to see the side navigation with activity details. There will be chevron to denote a field to be editable.

On iOS, tap on the Details section on View Activity. Users will be redirected to the Activity details screen where they can make the edits. There will be a chevron to denote if a field is editable.

Admin Management for Managing Licenses and Packaging Models 

Accelo is adding more flexibility to our packaging models  to better align with your organization's needs. We have updated several areas of the platform to support those changes with a few important things for administrators to note. First, the Manage Account screen is no longer available in the platform, administrators should use the Manage User Licenses screen for updates to their credit cards and licenses. 

More to Come

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