Product Updates: Dec 17 - Jan 27

Product Updates: Dec 17 - Jan 27

28-Jan 2020

The first Product Updates post of 2020 brings you more helpful improvements, bug-fixes and, in case you missed it, a whole new feature for Rounding Time Entries (in beta). Here's a recap:

Less refreshing on the Daily Timesheet

As part of the auto-time rounding feature (linked above), we heard that some actions in the Daily Timesheet, such as adjusting the time on an entry, were causing the timeline view to refresh too zealously. We've since improved the behavior to only reload the data when absolutely necessary.

Click-through metrics for the User Dashboard

This dashboard provides some metrics on your overdue tasks as well as an overview of your activities and requests that might need attention. Previously these metrics were static with no way to follow-up on them, whereas now you can click-thru to the respective filtered task list, your Inbox or Request screen as desired.

Expense tax rate rounding fix

Anyone in a state, county or region where local taxes are added on top of more standard taxes might have come across rates like 7.25% - and while these rates are totally supported by Accelo, our Expenses area was mistakenly rounding the rate to the nearest whole percent (so 7% in this example). Fortunately, users were able to manually correct the tax $ amount while we got the underlying bug fixed up.

Ensure email signature refreshes on save/update

If you updated your email signature in Accelo recently, you might have noticed that it didn't appear to update - yet on reload of the page, the new signature was there. This initial failure to display the changes was frustrating a number of users, so we expedited the fix earlier this month.

Invoice Template Fix & Improvement

  • Fix: There were a few cases where the Invoice Owner setting wasn't being respected from the invoice template through to the Create Invoice flow. E.g. If you wanted the invoice Owner to default to the Creator, this wasn't working when invoicing directly against a company. 
  • Improvement: When configuring an Issue/Ticket Type, you can now set the default Invoice Template to be used. Additionally, when creating a ticket/issue, you can now set the billing contact to be used for each invoice on that ticket.

Xero - allow line items with no tax code to be imported

This update fixes the issue of invoices incorrectly importing from Xero into Accelo when we detected a line item without a tax code/rate.

More info: It turns out that "informational" line items, which have no quantity/rate or $ value, will have their tax code ignored on Xero's side. These can be created in Accelo or Xero, but when pulled back into Accelo, our system was expecting some information about the line item's tax code, and when we didn't receive it, we failed to complete the import/update.

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