Product Updates: Feb 11 - Mar 9

Product Updates: Feb 11 - Mar 9

10-Mar 2020

Catch up on the last month's worth of notable changes from Accelo's Product Team below. Oh and in-case you missed it, we also moved our Auto Time Rounding feature out of beta - it's live for all.

Task Remaining Time - Consistent Recalculation

The Estimated Time Remaining of a task is something that dynamically updates as users log time on the task, move time logs/activities off the task, edit time entries, and so on. On top of this, users are able to manually re-estimate the remaining time, overriding the automatic adjustment as time is logged.

While uncommon, it was possible for the value of time remaining to become out of sync with the amount of time/work logged on the task. We've worked on a solution, all under-the-hood, which results in perfectly consistent recalculation of the remaining time - no matter how many unusual workflows are performed on the task, its activities or its parent milestone/project.

Invoice fixes & Improvements:

  • When creating an invoice, there's an option to split line items into multiple line items to provide additional detail (known as the Itemize function). When used, it caused a bug in the PDF invoice whereby the work detail (individual time entries) were hidden.
  • Customizing most aspects of your invoices in Accelo has been on offer for some time; now we've made a few extensions to that, notably: Changing the label on the "Invoice Items" header, the "Related Invoices" header and the "Payments" header. This is possible when creating an invoice, but more importantly, in your invoice templates too.

Expense module - minor fixes:

  • Edit Invoice screen provides the option to include uninvoiced expenses from the project or ticket, however, this feature was incorrectly making non-billable and declined expenses available.
  • Edit Expense made it seem like the linked project/ticket could be changed. This is now disabled, since it wasn't actually supported within that workflow. Instead, there's a Relocate Expense feature which already handles that process!
  • Expenses tab within a project or ticket was showing declined expenses as non-billable.

Mobile App updates:

- Android: Timesheet is now a home-screen option
- Android: Fix for intermittent double-entry of time logs on Timesheet
- iOS: Fix for expenses being logged as non-reimbursable
- iOS: Fix for Purchase Total field of Expense
- iOS: Fix for Log Work always setting time to non-billable
- iOS: Accelo links should ask to open in mobile app

Public API -  Fix for Rounding Time Entries

This fix ensures that when modifying/editing an existing activity through the API, the time on the activity conforms to the auto-time rounding rules defined in the main Accelo application. - activities created through the API were behaving correctly.

HubSpot Sync - Stability Improvements

Our team detected a slow-down in the Hubspot <> Accelo sync process and implemented a fix to avoid the problem, which occurred primarily when a user was (intentionally) bulk deleting companies and contacts that were also in the queue to be sync'd with Hubspot.

Improvement to Email Capture Auto-Reply Detection

This change addresses a "looping" scenario with the Requests feature and an external ticketing system - where auto-replies from Accelo's request queue to an external address that responds with their own unique auto-reply message can result in hundreds of emails & requests being captured in rapid succession, to no benefit.

Company Export: Custom Fields Fix

This update fixes a bug which caused custom profile fields to be missing if the company's primary contact was inactive.

Editing Timesheet Activity: Fix for Class field

When editing an activity within the Weekly Timesheet, there was a bug which prevented the activity class from being correctly updated.

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