Product Updates: Jul 1 - Jul 25

Product Updates: July 1 - July 25

29-Jul 2019

Catch all the notable product updates and fixes from July below, not to mention the stabilization work we've done around exporting timesheets, which you can read more about here.

Easier to see Leave conflicts on Schedule Dashboard

If time has been booked against a day (or week) where leave exists, we're now continuing to show the cell user your preferred color for leave, rather than flipping the cell to appear over-utilized. This helps you differentiate between normal days that are over-utilized vs leave days which might be over-utilized. When time is booked on a leave day (or week), the amount of time allocated will replace the leave icon (airplane below).

sched leave2

Won and Lost dates available for Sales' Trigger Rules

Now you can enhance your sales triggers to listen for changes to the won/lost/cancelled/abandoned dates on a sale. These fields have been available in the trigger action area for a while (meaning the trigger can set/update those fields) but they were missing from the ruleset area where you check for changes to a sale and then go and do something - like send an email, create a task or changes the sale status.

Add 2-Factor Authentication icon to User List screen

2-Factor (or 2 step) authentication can be enabled for extra login security on your Accelo account, requiring users to enter a uniquely generated code from their phone along with their username and password. Because this feature can be set-up on a per-user basis, it is possible that some newer staff have not enabled it, but until now there hasn't been a way for admin users to review this.

Now the User List will display an icon to indicate when it is enabled for a user.

2fa user


Relax permission for editing Ticket Budget

Users who do not have Financial Visibility permission are not allowed to modify the Billable Rate or Budget of a ticket, however, if the ticket budget is non-billable, it seems fair to allow them to modify the budgeted hours - so we have opened up this feature now :-)

Retainer Information for Timesheet Report Export

You can adjust the view of a Timesheet Report to see time against Retainers/Contracts, but if you export that time to a spreadsheet, Accelo wasn't providing the retainer detail for each activity/timelog, which meant that time from Tickets and Projects couldn't be matched with a retainer - making it hard to work with! We've since updated the export to include the Retainer Type and Title columns

Pushing more Purchase detail to Bill in QuickBooks

When entering a bill in QuickBooks, you can specifiy the vendor who is billing you, but also the customer for each line item if you plan to invoice that expense/purchase. Similarly in Accelo, when creating a purchase order for a project, ticket or retainer, there's typically a customer/client related to that work. So, when pushing a purchase from Accelo to QuickBooks (as a bill), we'll now pass the Accelo customer/client name along so it can be recorded against each line item on the bill in QuickBooks.

qb bill cust


Admin navigation improvement for Billing, Rates and Materials.

With the launch of our upgraded Expenses module earlier this year, we noticed the navigation for the admin/config area of Accelo had some menus which were under-utilized or mis-leading. We've moved the Materials & Services menu to live inside the updated Billing & Pricing menu, as well as made it easier to find the custom field configuration for purchases, invoices and receipts.

Accelo iOS Mobile App: Favourites

 This handy update to our iOS app allows you to add or remove "favorites" when viewing a ticket, project, sale and more - much like you can already do in the web app.

Requests Module - Email Capture Improvement

Our team have also been diligently working to ensure Accelo's email capture systems continue to work smoothly and intuitively. We were seeing some reports of emails being turned into requests when there was already a request which had been turned into a ticket. So our email capture logic is now being even more careful to avoid creating requests based on the previous emails in that thread.

List Screen Improvement: Filtering where field "has value"

Finding records where a certain field is "Empty" has always been possible, but doing the reverse - where the field is not empty (aka "has value") hasn't been possible until now. Note that we're still rolling this change out, so you might find some list screens which don't yet support the new "Has Value" checkbox for all of their filter options.

list hasvalue


Company Billing - Retainer Date Filter Adjustment 

When searching for Retainers to invoice, it was possible to filter Pre-paid retainers based on their commenced date, but not post-paid retainers. We have fixed this my moving the Commenced Before and Commenced After filter options to now apply to all retainer/periods in the filter options of the left-hand-rail of the Invoice Companies tool. 


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