Product Updates: July 21-August 26

By Mandy Anger
VP of Product
Aug 31 2021 read

We are excited to share several product updates and release information in this edition of the product blog. The Product team is in planning stage for the next few quarters, and here are some of the  enhancements in the coming weeks

We also want to share some of the results from our recent product research. 


Task Prioritization 

Task prioritization has been released! This enhancement has been one of the highest voted ideas in our ideas forum, so thank you all for voting and submitting your use cases. This new functionality provides the ability to surface and highlight the most important and urgent work in Accelo. This initial release enables users to set, see, and update priorities, which are illustrated with simple icons. Additionally, admins can customize the labels that are attached to the five levels of priority for clarity and to align with their organizations' workflows and terminology. 

Here is a look at the new functionality:

This initial release is just the beginning, we will continue to add value to the task prioritization functionality. Additional features in planning include the ability to sort and filter boards and lists by priority and possibly a new priority taskboard. Read more about this new product feature and what’s to come on our recent blog Feature Release: Task Priority.  


Multiple Image Attachments for Mobile

This enhancement to our iOS and Android mobile apps allows users to attach more than one image at a time.We know many users have been waiting for this functionality and we are excited to announce that it will be available at the end of this month.

This time-saving enhancement will be available on the Create Activity screen. Users will have the option to select multiple images after clicking on the Attach icon. The supported image formats include jpeg, gif, heic, and png. 

The multiple image attachment enhancement will be available to anyone with version 4.21.0 on iOS who has updated to version 4.21.0 and anyone with version 3.11.0 on Android who has updated to version 3.11.0. 


Google Contact API Upgrade--Coming Soon! 

To keep the contacts integration with Google running smoothly, we’re in the process of cutting over to their new “People API”. As part of this update we’re adjusting some of the integration features to make configuring your contact sync more straight-forward, and making the integration more fool-proof. This upgrade will enable the following

  • Improve the auto-import of contacts feature and retiring the import wizard.
  • Simplify the “push” and “pull” contact behaviour into a single sync option.
  • Create a more robust data management system to track change history, enhanced troubleshooting and support future enhancements with ease.


Product Research Results

Over the past several months, the Product team has been engaged in a large-scale research project to identify the highest value areas of the Accelo platform for our customers. Thank you to the hundreds of you and your teams who contributed to our research, either by completing a survey or chatting on the phone. We are happy to share the results with you now. 

The demographics below illustrate the participation we received from our customers and support the validity of the areas we have selected to continue to research for Q4 this year and beyond. The participants in the survey represented all company sizes and personas that we are hoping to solve for. 


Based on the outcomes from the research, We have determined the following areas of the Accelo platform have the largest impact and highest value to our users. 

  1. Projects
  2. Custom Lists
  3. Reporting
  4. General UX/UI
  5. Tasks
  6. Payments
  7. Scheduling

As we continue to dive into the research for upcoming quarters, we will reach out to you to gather more information about your use cases, pain points, and ways of working so that we can solve problems in these areas in the most efficient and effective ways. We will not be able to address everything in these areas, but rest assured that we will be focused on delivering the highest quality and improving user experiences. 


More to Come

Get the latest product information and engage with other Accelo users and support in the Accelo Community. Filled with insightful discussions, support Q&As, product updates, and blogs, Community helps you find the best ways to use Accelo to manage your client work. Connect with other professional service providers to share ideas and learn ways that they have successfully managed their client work.

On a housekeeping note, the cadence of the Product Update blog posts is changing. To ensure that we are bringing you all the valuable information about product releases, we will be moving to a monthly cadence for these posts. Watch this space for more exciting features coming out in the future!

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