Product Updates: Oct 24 - Nov 5

Product Updates: Oct 24 - Nov 5

6-Nov 2018

It's been a busy couple of weeks for our Product Team. As hustle continues on a brand-new Create Ticket flow, we bring you some small improvements and fixes to keep your operations running smoothly.

Better audit trail for events in the Stream: Across many types of work in Accelo, when the status of something changes, we put an entry into the stream so you can see these status changes relative to other activities (such as work logs and emails). These timeline entries included helpful metadata - such as the assignee and the type of work - but it wasn't accurate.. The metadata was displaying the current assignee, type, etc. of the issue, not the state of the issue when the event occurred. We've revamped this to ensure that these timeline events now capture all the metadata they were displaying!

timeline state

Company Contacts: Inline status editing: This tidy little improvement allows you to update the status of contacts directly from the Contacts tab within the View Company page. No more need to edit the contact or view it first.
contact inline

Tighter permissions for TimeSheet Reports: This change ensures that when filtering the Timesheet Report by Project or Company, the user will only be able to search from & select records which they have permission to view.

Setting billable rate when splitting a task: Our new create task experience overlooked an existing feature which ensured that when a task is split, the new task has it's billable rate set based on the existing task. This functionality has been restored.

Fix for Inactive status when editing Contacts: Our new Edit Contact modal wasn't allowing the "Inactive" status selection to be saved if there were active company links. We're now ensuring that the company links are de-activated as part of the "Inactive" status change on the contact too.

Material Description handles multiple lines: We're now properly supporting multiple lines of text in the material description field. This applies when configuring material items or inserting materials into a quote, project, retainer or issue - the description will now display multi-line text nicely!

Material Items allow negative Sale Price: Whilst actual materials have allowed you to record a negative sale price, material items (templates) didn't support this - as it didn't seem logical to create templates with negative prices - but we've caved in to demand and changed this!

Expense details in Project Export: To complement the financial information found in the export regarding materials and services, we've added columns for the profit and cost data for expense too.

Android Mobile App improvements:

  • Excluding yourself as a recipient when replying to an activity 
  • More handy quick list filters to module dashboard such as My tasks, Unassigned tickets/sales and more.

Project Dashboard - Performance Table detail: We added hover-states to the Budget and On-Time floodbar graphs in the Project Dashboard to give a detailed breakdown of the colored segments.

Quotes - Hiding "Task" text when they're disabled: Removed the word "task" from the heading of the Services table when tasks are not being shown in quotes.

Fix for Meeting Invites not sending if creator not attending: There was a logic error in the process of creating a meeting activity if you added only client contacts as recipient and didn't explicitly add yourself as an attendee. While Accelo already had fallback logic to add you as an attendee upon saving, and push the meeting into your calendar with the client attendees listed, they may not have been sent an invitation for the meeting which was obviously confusing. This has been resolved. 

Printing Project Plan to PDF - Budget data fix: In some cases the data shown in the PDF export of a project plan had the incorrect values for the Budget and Hours columns.

Importing past email for a contact: While this feature was introduced many moons ago, the option wasn't available on the View Contact page - it was only possible from the Contacts tab on a Company! We added this into the 3-dot menus of the details cards found on the left of the View Contact page. 

Adjusted profit calculation for fixed price project: On the Insights tab for a project, we're now using the full fixed price rather than earned value when calculating the current profitability, due to popular demand.

Fix for Cloning Project Triggers: When creating a new type of project you can choose to clone (or copy) fields, status progressions and triggers from another type, however, the actions within each trigger were not being cloned properly - which is now fixed.

Predicted Dates added to Key Dates for Projects: To make the Key Dates functionality more useful, we've added the Predicted Start and Predicted Due dates of a project available to be added as Important Dates (which appear on the left of the View Project page).

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