Product Updates: Feb 14 - 20

Product Updates: Feb 14 - 20

20-Feb 2017

Another week, another slew of product updates and improvements! Aside from our team working round the clock to get the Project Module enhancements ready to go, here's a short breakdown of what we worked on this past week:

More Campaign Text Editor Flexibility - Now you can customize your campaign content in HTML mode even more. One of our tech-savvy clients discovered that editing their campaign content in HTML mode didn’t have as much flexibility as it could. We’ve made some quick adjustments so you can now manually adjust things like the Padding, Display, Margin, Text-decoration and Border options.

Improved Utilization Dashboard - Your Work Week got some improvements around the way it calculates situations (i.e. if your Work Week is configured for zero hours) but with that enhancement a new bug showed up. It was showing incorrect percentages and sometimes firing off an alert if, for example, there were no active tasks left on the ticket - that’s now been fixed!

Simplified Custom Filter View - Now you can edit and save changes to your Custom Filter without any hassle. Before, when you selected a Saved Filter, Accelo loaded up the filter bar with pre-saved filter options and your results - but if you wanted to tweak the filter options and update the Saved Filter, a bug forced you to save a new, duplicate filter. That shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

JIRA Beta Updates:

  • Now you can link an Accelo task to a JIRA issue, during polling when they're matched by task title (this helps avoid duplicate tasks being created in Accelo);

  • Linking an Accelo Retainer to a JIRA issue is now possible, so tasks can be created for the appropriate retainer period.

Editing your Ticket’s Budget - The budget amount for a ticket wasn’t updating as you adjusted the rate or hours of a ticket within the Budget Edit pop-up - that’s now solved.

Autotask Import Error - We’re added some code to handle this more gracefully. Our team identified some cases whereby the import could fail because the records the import was trying to save against had been removed - so we tweaked some things to make up for this.

Linking your Expenses to Retainers - Now your ticket or project expenses will link up to the right retainer period (if there is one). A mixup was causing any expenses that were logged on the start or end dates of a retainer period to not link up, but you shouldn’t see that happening anymore.  

Budget anomaly for Project Tasks - A few observant clients noticed that tasks in their project plans were sometimes given a budget calculated with a rate that wasn’t actually set on the task. It turns out we were trying to be helpful and, if the task had time but no rate, we applied the rate of the parent item to ensure the task still achieved a calculated budget. Since this behaviour was a bit confusing we’ve pulled it out ;-)

Better time-remaining calculation and allocation for Tasks - When an activity or work log was deleted we weren’t doing a great job of returning that time to the task so that the user could see where they might need to do some more work to complete it. We’ve improved this (though it won’t apply if the Task is complete or inactive).

Improved Permissions for editing a Project Template - It was uncovered that users without the Financial Visibility permission were still able to view and modify project plan templates - which wasn’t ideal since the templates contain project, task and milestone rates as well as budget information that's normally withheld from those users. This loophole has now been patched up.

Simplified Retainer Period Usage Table - Making sense of what’s been utilized in a Retainer period is simpler now - we’ve hidden the Expense and Material Value columns for budget scenarios where they don’t serve a purpose in the Period Usage Table, so you only see what you need to see.

Improved Cost Rates - A glitch has been corrected whereby cost rates will only be updated when a user has the appropriate admin permission. Some users were able to (accidentally) remove their cost rates - even though they couldn’t see this field - when updating their user profile.

Public API Improvements:

  • Forcing engagement tables to be lower case - Creating activities through the public API gives you great power over values. Unfortunately this can cause problems with case sensitive queries. The API will now lowercase any activity and issue tables/types before saving.

  • New list segmentation endpoints for contacts and affiliations - Companies, Contacts and Affiliation objects were able to have segmentation fields, but only companies were supported in the API. This has been expanded now.

  • Get extension fields does not separate by type - We now include the link type id by default in the response so you can easily spot the difference.


  • Quickbooks Online: Ensure payments are imported with Sales Receipts

  • Quickbooks: Allow import of customers without firstname/lastname


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