[Geoff] Good afternoon and good morning everyone, wherever you're from. I'm just here to do a special introduction for this awesome Best Practices session. My name is Geoff McQueen. I'm one of... Read More

[Geoff] Good afternoon and good morning everyone, wherever you're from. I'm just here to do a special introduction for this awesome Best Practices session. My name is Geoff McQueen. I'm one of the founders and the CEO here at Accelo. And I'm really excited to introduce Adam and John, who are gonna be leading this session. They're both experts in their products and they're gonna be showing you one of the most powerful features in accelo. Without stealing too much of their thunder, it's that dream of running a business while you're asleep. Of not having to remember to do things, to go and make sure that they go the way that you want. Being able to set up basically, a smart robot in the back seat who's able to do things that you wanna do while you're sleeping. So, without any further ado, I'm gonna hand it over to the team. You're in great hands. And if you've got any questions, obviously, the boys will handle them. But it would be great as well, if you've got any good news to share or you wanna spread the word, feel free to mention us on Twitter. We're @acceloinc, sorry just @accelo. Or on Facebook or LinkedIn, feel free to share the word. Cause the more that you help spread the word, the more that we can have more customers and the more customers we've got, the more we can invest in extending this functionality to do even more magical things. With that, I'll hand it over to the guys. Thank you.

[Adam] Cheers, Geoff. Appreciate it. As Geoff mentioned, I'm Adam. I'll be your host today and we've got John, who's from Service Ops team, who will be presenting the content. Moving on to the next slide. So, a summary of what we're gonna be looking at today is we're going to go into a bit of an introduction to what triggers are for those that haven't had an introduction to those yet. And then we're gonna go into six best practice examples across all the different areas at accelo, where we've seen it work really well, and take you through how to create it and why it's valuable. At any time through the webinar, you can submit questions through the Q&A function or in chat and we'll get to them at the back end for you. So, I'll hand it over to John who'll take you off through the content now.

- [John] Great, thanks Adam. So, what a trigger is, is it's if something happens in your business, if the budget goes over, if someone emails in while a quote's out, then do something special, do something magical like Geoff said. And how triggers can help, it's essentially that intelligence structure to make sure that things don't fall through the cracks and when you're running a small business and you have your hands on all the clients and all the project work you're working on, things don't fall through the cracks too much. You have the insight and the visibility to be able to run the business but, let's say, you brought on a few more clients or those few clients who you do have, you have suddenly signed on for support and service contracts, you're doing more and more projects or your team just starts growing, you'll find, and as many customers of ours have, that things fall through the cracks. So, what triggers allow you to do is set up these rules to be able to find those things that fall through the cracks and surface them so you can do something about them. We like to think of triggers as proactive reporting. So, instead of a postmortem at the end of the month or quarter to see how I did. Am I delivering projects on time? Am I getting back to customers after they submit a ticket? This is the way to make sure that we can answer what's going on, what we can do better now, rather than those postmortems. I can't do anything about a ticket that wasn't answered a month ago or a project in Key 1 that went over budget. And then the last part of it is automating a process for when those things go wrong. What are the next steps? What does my team need to do to be able to solve this problem? And as Geoff was saying, sort of that dream of being able to take the back seat or at least do what you love and take the back seat to actually driving the business forward. That's what the triggers, or at least that's the vision and the dream of what triggers are. And I just wanted to note, triggers are part of our entire suite of premium functionality within accelo. This would include things like profitability, utilization, and ability to customize business processes. So, just wanted to let you know if you're in the plus product and you're listening or watching this webinar and you don't see the functionality of triggers in your sights, that's why. So, the six areas that we want to focus on today are projects, sales, tickets, and retainers, our four core products of the accelo ServOps platform as well as things that we can do with requests and companies to help automate. So, the first example I wanted to do was around projects. If the project is about to go over budget then let the PM know. Many times at the end of the week, a project has gone over budget and you didn't even know that it went over budget or, like I was mentioning before, with doing postmortems, the project already went 20-30 percent over budget and we're just looking at went wrong. This allows us to be a bit more proactive. So, what it will do is, if it's about to go over budget, in the case of this project we set it at 90 percent so once it...

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