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Add New Activity

Today we'll be discussing Activities. Activities are the lifeblood of Accelo. Most of your team's logged work will be recorded...

Configuration & Setup

Activity Settings

We're going to go over Activity Settings. This screen we're on, here's how we got there: Click on the upper...

Configuration & Setup

Activity Classes

Let's talk about Activity Classes. Activity Classes are a way to categorize all the different types of work that you're...

Configuration & Setup

Email Logo

Accelo gives you the option to upload a logo and that logo is included on any notifications, emails or invoices...

Configuration & Setup

Email Signature

One of the most powerful features of Accelo is its email capture and integration with Gmail or Outlook Exchange. Part...

Configuration & Setup

Custom Locations

Let's talk about Custom Locations. Accelo has Custom Locations so that you can attach those while creating a meeting. For...

Configuration & Setup
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