3 Reasons Accountants Need to Revamp Their Email

Feb 4 2016 read

As an accountant, you try to stay on top of everything, but probably end up drowning in your overflowing inbox more often than not. Sounds like a drama-thriller movie in the making: Accountants and the Ongoing Email Battle (okay, maybe not).

That aside, it’s safe to say a lot of practices are still dealing with email chain chaos. While email is definitely an important tool, it shouldn’t be used as a means to keep everyone at the firm in the loop (or should I say chain?). Instead, opt for a cloud-based tool to manage your communications surrounding client work internally. Here’s why:

1. Unify your practice

Give your team a clear path to success by having all of your communications accessible from one simple place. With a team inbox, everyone will be able to see what’s going on in pertinent client accounts, without having their personal inboxes flooded with forwarded emails, CCs, or FYIs.

2. Easily find information

Having information from client records easily accessible makes getting work done simpler and much more efficient. There are smart platforms out there that automatically update themselves every time someone at your firm interacts with a client. With track and sync features that let you automatically track and share client emails, attachments, appointments, notes, and more, you’ll never have to dig around for the info you need again.

3. Organize the chaos

Stay on top of your team and look after your clients without scrambling for information between tools. If you could automate repeatable processes, know next steps and what to do, you’d be able to organize your practice’s chaotic inboxes and team's schedules (think: automatically send templated emails, create follow-up meetings, and update fields like the due date). That way, you and everyone at work can get back to doing the work you love—crunching numbers for your clients—instead of chasing after communication trails.

Have your own email battle stories? Share them with us!

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