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Introducing the Accelo Community!

By Josh Tan
Director of Support
Apr 28 2021 read

After several months of preparation, we are thrilled to finally announce the official launch of our Accelo Community our new place to share knowledge, promote discussion and interact with Accelo users from around the world! 

For years, our success team has been documenting an exhaustive list of user-driven solutions, troubleshooting, feature behavior, and industry-specific product use cases into a wide knowledge base repository outside of the realm of our standard help guides. We’re very proud to announce that this full library of 350+ (and growing) articles will now be made publicly available and searchable via the community forum!


What is the Accelo Community?

This Community forum is a completely free, value-adding platform for existing Accelo users to serve as a hub where you can engage with other Accelo customers, support, services, and content. By combining a wealth of knowledge base articles, a Q&A support forum, product updates, blogs, and events in one platform, users are empowered to run their professional service business with Accelo in the best way possible. 


Benefits of the Community

Network with our growing community

Alongside Accelo's success team of product experts, we want to empower users like yourself to create a valuable network, share knowledge, and help fellow members. Whether you're a digital agency in New Zealand or a managed service provider from New York, you will find immense opportunities to connect with other Accelo users within your industry on a global scale to trade best practices for how to utilize our platform to best suit your business needs!

Engage with our support team

We’re here to continue providing you incredible user support! The community enables you to directly engage with our available support engineering while also encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. This new forum style of Q&A will allow the documentation of common scenarios, use cases, and questions so that the wider Accelo community can benefit from previously answered questions. 

Go beyond siloed troubleshooting

Rather than emailing support and waiting for a solution or back and forth troubleshooting, why not break out of the silo and pose a question into a private forum? You’d be surprised how many Accelo users often encounter the same issues and questions. The community forum lets you engage in searchable discussions with fellow users from different industries and perspectives, along with expert advice from our support engineers.


Community Forums

Moderated by our support engineers and endorsed by users like yourself, our various forums and topic guides will provide an immersive environment with a rich library of available user content for a completely interactive experience! Over time, we shall continue to expand our available forums to service different aspects of our community.


1. Support Forum

Ask questions about the best ways to use Accelo, something not working as you’d expect, concerns, etc! This is the place to ask for help in the Accelo Community!

This is the perfect place to quickly find additional help and attention, not just from our technical support team, but also from developers, professional service consultants, and community product experts!  


2. Developer Forum

This forum is intended for developers and API enthusiasts to discuss topics, ask questions, share ideas and provide feedback related to our public RESTful and Forms API.

Some of you may already be familiar with our old Accelo Developer Google Group, which for years has been a wonderful place of discussion for API questions and custom integrations. This strong developer group is actually what led us to create this wider Accelo community. All of the past historical discussions will be available forever and accessible through the community forum as well. 


3. Knowledge Base

This is a completely self-serve repository of Knowledge Base articles authored by Accelo’s support engineers in response to product issues, integration behavior, and solutions engineering.



As new product challenges, questions and solutions naturally arise due to platform updates and user discoveries, we aim to document and share our findings with the rest our users here in the Accelo Community! Click here to start your own topic or read through existing content today. 

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About the Author


Joshua Tan is the Director of Support at Accelo and received his Master's of Technology Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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