Free Live Webinar: Learn How to Automate Your Client Life Cycle

By Sarah Khogyani
May 21 2013 read

The studies have been clear: businesses who use cloud apps make 23% more revenue and gain more days off from management-level tasks than those who work amongst scattered spreadsheets and emails.

Whether you've moved to the cloud or you're planning on doing so, there is always more you can learn to strengthen the power of your platform and gain these benefits.

That's why we're bringing together the CEO’s of three leading cloud platforms for your business to share the lessons and insights gained through combined decades of experience in the cloud business software space.

Hear from the leaders of QuoteRoller, Accelo and Saasu and learn how you can better streamline your sales, projects, invoicing, and accounting to create one end-to-end workflow for your business, unlocking the power of the integrated cloud.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Streamline and automate your client sales process
  • Turn quotes into sales. Turn sales into projects. Turn projects into invoices.
  • Sync your billing and invoicing data with Saasu’s accounting software
  • Save & share client communications across teams, departments and platforms
  • Generate automatic & ongoing quote, sale and project templates
  • Leverage the integrations between QuoteRoller, Accelo, and Saasu

Presented by

  • QuoteRoller is a proposal software platform, built to deliver beautiful and purpose-driven quotes to clients.
  • Accelo is an all-in-one sales, project management, time billing, client support and invoicing solution. 
  • Saasu is an online accounting product that manages business financials.

Get a 2 month free trial  

Saasu and Accelo are offering a 2 month free trial for all signups, and QuoteRoller is offering a one month free trial. That’s a total of up to 8 weeks to test, set up, and get to know the platforms for your business.

Try Accelo, QuoteRoller, or Saasu free for an extra month by using the code ENDTOEND

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