Stop Dealing With Abandoned Timers and Start Setting Time Allowances in Web App

Jan 31 2022 read

Timers functionality just got better in Accelo's web application with our latest improvements. Now employees can better manage their time, stop forgetting about running timers, start setting time allowances and utilize more time tracking capabilities.  

What These Improvements Bring

Accelo’s web application now offers some of the same timer functionality previously only available on the mobile application. Users can more easily and accurately track time with an enhanced, universal experience across the platform.

Users Can Now:

Here’s What You'll See

Slide-out panel


Click and drag reordering


Timer description


Link objects to timer


Search for an object to link


Time allowance notification


Elapsed time in browser tab


Elapsed time when panel minimized

How to Start Using the New Timers Functionality

The functionality is available now on Accelo’s web application. Just follow the in-app cues. If you have questions about this feature or anything Accelo-related, post in our community to receive guidance from Accelo support and fellow users. 

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