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Our Visual Brand Standards

This page outlines our brand style. Use this page as a guide to using the Accelo branding and to get to know more about our core values.

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Emotions & Values

Brightness & Clarity
Confidence & Empowerment
Freedom & Flight
Built Fast & Improved to Last
Exceptional Empathy
Tenacious Teamwork
Sustainable Success over Short-Term Sexy
Value Every Day
Trust Through Integrity
Fun & Fulfillment Through Work
Excellence Through Egalitarianism

Close Up: Brand Emotions

When people read about, use and even more importantly talk about Accelo, the feelings they get and associate our brand with should be as follows:

Brightness & Clarity

Using technology, our product provides clarity to our users. We strive to be an antidote to the fog of confusion they're used to working under, a bright light if you will. The feeling we want people to associate with the Accelo platform is "brightness" - which can be defined as happiness and success along with a cloudless sky on a clear, crisp day. These brand feelings encourage a culture of transparency and openness and reduce the temptation for siloing information, hiding and playing political games - the benefits of the clarity reward those working hard and doing well and out of those who through their actions (or inaction) damage the business in the eyes of their clients.

Confidence & Empowerment

We give our users confidence that they've got the data they need to make the right decision. Given professionals are generally educated and intelligent individuals who thrive when given autonomy, the ability of our product to then equip these people with the information they need to make the right decision with confidence is a critical part of our brand value.


Building on clarity and the confidence to make the right decisions, our product then gives our users the ability to maximize their productivity in their work lives. In addition to streamlining many of the tedious tasks they currently face, having access to the right information and the confidence to know they're making the right decisions means our product helps boost/unleash significant productivity.

Freedom & Flight

The pinnacle emotional value our product seeks to provide is freedom - the freedom for professionals to do what they love. Our product seeks to give these people the freedom to be the best professional they can be, achieving the most from each day by eliminating as much of the friction and providing as much clarity and confidence as possible to ensure professionals are free to achieve their potential.

Close Up: Brand Values

Exceptional Empathy

Empathy for our clients makes us more than software company; empathy for colleagues make us a strong team.

Built Fast & Improved to Last

Something good delivered is better than something perfect undelivered; we build fast & improve to the future.

Tenacious Teamwork

Making a big difference in the world requires tenacity; by being tenacious together means we can keep it up.

Sustainable Success over Short-Term Sexy

We value creating sustainable success for our clients and believe it is much better than chasing fads or "sugar hits".

Value Every Day

Time is scarce and precious: we value the time of our clients & each other and expect others to value ours.

Trust through Integrity

If our clients doesn't trust us, we'll fail. Since our interactions are mainly online, always acting with integrity is critical.

Fun & Fulfilment through Work

Work is where we spend the majority of our time: we believe work should also be fun and personally fulfilling.

Excellence through Egalitarianism

Egalitarianism breeds excellence based on what we do, not who we are, and its "mateship" binds us together.

Written Style Guide

Our brand voice is authentic, ambitious and personal. We're a startup with big ambitions and a passion for making the lives of our clients better by streamlining their business process.


Accelo started out of a genuine frustration around running a professional service business. In our case, a digital agency. All of our co-founders ( and many of the team as it has grown) have a background in either running or working in professional service businesses.
We've been in the trenches, and we have a real and practical understanding of the challenges that surround our client's daily struggles.


Therefore, our brand reflects our young, maverick mindset and a promise to be different to what's come before. But with the legitimate confidence that our users to entrust with their entire business.


At Accelo, our commitment to make constant improvements to our product reflects our ambition. Our primary motivation is to resolve the problems currently plaguing professional business owners and to make their businesses smarter and more profitable. 

Passionate & Personal

At the end of the day, we are built to complement our client's business and help them through their business day. Like our staff, our brand voice should be passionate about helping our clients with a friendly, empathetic tone.

Color Scheme

Bright and bold colors showcase Accelo’s Emotions and Value


Accelo Headline Open Sans Light
Accelo Headline Open Sans Regular
Accelo Headline Open Sans Semibold
Accelo Headline Open Sans Bold
Accelo Headline Open Sans Extrabold
h1. Capitalize Key Words and not Articles
Headings are Key for Quick Insights Provide value through exposition and images.
Headings are Key for Quick Insights Provide value through exposition and images.


The logo should be used in it’s entirety, meaning it should always be shown with both the word ‘accelo’ next to the five accelorator lines.
Padding around the logo should be the width of the accelorator lines.
Avoid using the accelorator lines exclusively.
Avoid placing the Accelo logo on colored backgrounds which clash with the logo colors. Note that in this example, the red line is near-illegible.
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