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Support Policy and Terms


Support for the Accelo Service consists of Technology and Application support, provided by Accelo in its sole judgment, in order that the Service provided under the Accelo Order Form and Accelo Terms of Service may operate satisfactorily and according to its Documentation. Support will be provided in a timely and professional manner by qualified support engineers in accordance with this Accelo Support Policy and Terms (the "Policy").

You are only eligible to receive Support Services if you have an active Agreement, remain current on all applicable Accelo Service and support fees due and payable to Accelo, and are otherwise compliant with your applicable contractual obligations to Accelo. At Accelo’s sole discretion, Accelo may make other fee-based tiers of Support or Accelo Service offerings available that provide specific, customized, and/or more comprehensive forms of enhanced support.

This Policy may be updated by Accelo from time to time, in its sole discretion, however such updates will not result in a material reduction in the level of Support provided for which the applicable Accelo Service and support fees, if applicable, have been paid.


Accelo means Accelo Inc of 999 18th St 12th floor, Denver, CO.

Application means one or more of the Accelo software applications listed in the Terms of Service or such other software application as notified by Accelo from time to time.

Available Functionality means the functionality which is generally available and provided by Accelo as part of the Service as described in the applicable Documentation for the Service.

Client Technologies means any non-Accelo Software installed in Customer workstations or other Customer environments.

Documentation means specifications, user documentation, including but not limited to User Guides, Terms of Service, and technical documents provided by Accelo regarding the Service and Available Functionality.

Email means any email or other communications generated or sent through the Service by a User.

Error means a reproducible defect in the Accelo System when operated on a supported environment, which causes the Accelo System not to operate substantially in accordance with the Documentation. 

Fees means the charges by Accelo for subscription to or use of the Service.

Issue means a reproducible error or problem with the Service that prevents the Available Functionality from operating in accordance with its Documentation.

Non-Production means a test, sandbox, staging, or development Service environment where untested changes are performed outside of a Production environment.

Production means the “live” Service environment where the Available Functionality processes data on a real-time basis.

Resolution means a modification or workaround to the Accelo System and/or Documentation provided by Accelo to customer intended to resolve an Error. 

Subscriber means the individual or entity that has subscribed for the Service under the Terms of Service Agreement.

Subscriber Data means data submitted, stored, sent or received via the Services by Subscriber or a User (as defined below).

Support means the support of the Accelo Service provided under the Terms of Service Agreement and in accordance with this Policy.

Service means hosting of the specific Accelo software Application identified during the ordering process, developed or licensed, operated, and maintained by Accelo, accessible via or another designated Accelo web site or IP address, or ancillary online or offline products and services provided to Subscriber by Accelo, to which Subscriber is being granted access under this Agreement.

Technology means the Accelo technology and underlying software and proprietary and intellectual property rights therein.

Terms of Service is a SaaS solution-specific document that provides information, standards, features and specific terms of the Service such as billing information, security audit standards, Service availability, Service features and hosting terms.

User means Subscriber's employees, representatives, consultants, contractors, customers or agents who are authorized to use the Service and have been supplied user identifications and passwords by Subscriber (or by or for Accelo at Subscriber's request).

User Guide means the online user manuals for the Service and for the Available Functionality.


3.1. Type of Support

The Agreement identifies the type of Support purchased for each Subscriber, the duration of such Support (the “Support Term”) and the applicable fees for Support of the Available Functionality. Support will be performed in a timely and professional manner by qualified support engineers and includes the following, depending on the type of Support purchased:

 Basic - included with Accelo Service and provides the following:

  • Direct access to Accelo Support and the ability to open and manage support Issues via email or web form.
  • Production environment support: 24 hours a day, 6 days a week via email upon first availability.
  • Access to Accelo Online Help & Support ( for 24x7x365 online support and access to Accelo Help documentation, FAQs, product updates, blogs, videos, usage tips, and community forums as such are made available by Accelo.

Premium - provided with the Accelo Service for an additional, ongoing fee. Provides, in addition to Basic Support:

  • Direct access to Accelo Support and the ability to open and manage support Issues via telephone or live chat.
  • Production environment support: 24 hours a day, 6 days a week via telephone, or live chat.
  • Interactive remote diagnostic support allowing Accelo Support engineers to troubleshoot securely through a real-time screen-sharing software.

3.2 Support Hours Availability

Accelo’s global support team provides consistent coverage hours 24 hours a day, 6 days a week across multiple time zones to ensure that your issues are addressed with customer satisfaction and timeliness top of mind.  Customers can submit Issues via email or via the Get Help menu within Accelo on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year basis and will be responded to during published business hours.

Support Published Business Hours include:

  • Sydney - Monday, 5 AM - Saturday, 3 PM
  • London - Sunday, 6 PM - Saturday, 4 AM
  • San Francisco - Sunday, 10 AM - Friday, 8 PM
  • Denver - Sunday, 11 AM - Friday, 9 PM
  • New York - Sunday, 1 PM - Friday, 11 PM

3.3 Response Times

Response Time means the reasonable commercial efforts Accelo employs to deliver a non-automated response to an Issue. Accelo Support will respond to all Issues and chats in the order they are received, so your wait time may vary depending on the volume of requests.

a. Initial response times will be provided, during published business hours, as shown in the below table:

Contact Method Type of Support
Basic Premium
Email First availability Within 2 hours
Phone N/A Immediately if available; otherwise, converted to Issue within 5 minutes of voicemail
Chat N/A Immediately from within deployment

b. Support does NOT provide response time SLAs for ongoing follow-ups on an Issue nor Issue resolution times SLAs. 


4.1. Support

Accelo may provide electronic, email, or telephone support to Basic and Premium Support Users in order to: 

  • Clarify the Documentation, functions and features of the Accelo System;
  • Guide Users in operation of the Accelo System; 
  • Assist Users in identifying and verifying the causes of suspected Errors in the Accelo System; and 
  • Advise on bypassing identified Errors in the Accelo System. 

4.2. Resolution of Errors

Accelo will provide an initial non-automated response acknowledging Errors reported by Users in accordance with the Response Times listed above. Thereafter, Accelo will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Resolution to Errors as soon as possible.


5.1. Supervision and Management

Customer is responsible for undertaking the proper supervision, control and management of its use of the Accelo System, including, but not limited to: (a) assuring proper Supported Environment configuration, Accelo operating methods; and (b) following industry standard procedures for the security of data and accuracy of input and output.

5.2. Training

Customer is responsible for proper training of all appropriate personnel in the operation and use of the Accelo System.

5.3. Support Information

Support requests must contain all pertinent information, in English, including but not limited to, User deployment URL, Issue description, and a technical contact familiar with your environment or the problem to be solved. You must make reasonable efforts to communicate with Accelo in order to verify the existence of the problem and provide information about the conditions under which the problem could be duplicated.

5.4. Client Technologies

If you decide to implement Client Technologies, you will be responsible for the successful installation and implementation of such third-party technologies within the recommended environments specified in the Documentation, as applicable.

You may be required to upgrade to Client Technologies/third-party-supported applications and operating systems as specified by Accelo in the Documentation, as applicable, in order to continue receiving SaaS Support from Accelo under this Policy.  

5.5. Notifying Support

You will utilize email, telephone, live chat, or other site or notification mechanisms as Accelo may designate from time to time, to notify Accelo of system availability issues, or request other in-scope support and support assistance.



In general, Accelo provides Support regarding issues with the software not working as expected, investigating bug reports, and answering simple how-to questions.

The following services are beyond the scope of Accelo Support:

a. Accelo Support does NOT provide consulting services, walkthroughs, assistance with system design, product training, education, configuration, termination and migration assistance. Services offerings are available and listed at

b. Accelo Support does NOT provide assistance with non-Accelo products, services or other Client Technologies, including implementation, administration, upgrade, or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks or communications systems.

c. Accelo Support does NOT provide assistance with installation or configuration of hardware, including computers, hard drives, networks or printers.

d. Accelo Support does NOT provide assistance in developing user-specific customizations. Customizations to the version of Available Functionality provided under your Accelo Service may be provided under a separate fee-based Accelo Services agreement.

e. Accelo Support does NOT provide technical support for Client Technologies, Accelo Software that is not used in accordance with the Documentation, configuration modifications to the Available Functionality, training, customer-generated scripts, custom reports and other content, custom code provided by you or any third party or otherwise not part of the Available Functionality or problems associated with software products running on unsupported hardware, operating systems, or third party software. Any such service may be available on a fee basis, as determined by Accelo. You may be required to upgrade to a supported third party software product or release, hardware platform, framework, database or operating system configuration as approved or certified in Accelo’s published specifications to continue receiving technical support services from Accelo.

f. Accelo Support does NOT provide technical support for discontinued and deprecated Accelo Service functionality that is not part of current Documentation or part of current Available Functionality. 

g. Accelo Support does NOT provide technical support for the use of the Accelo System in an environment other than a supported environment.

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