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Why Automated Time Tracking is Valuable to Accountants' Profitability

Manually filling out a timesheet is typically not a top priority for accountants. Like many service business professionals juggling several tasks at once, you probably wait until right before it's due to actually fill out your timesheet. When it's actually time to accurately recall everything, it's practically impossible to nail down exactly what you did throughout the week and how much time each task took.

For something so important to your businesses' financial health, it's kind of ironic how it's typically avoided until it's due. Especially since time tracking can be the cause of thousands of dollars being earned or leaked annually, depending on how it’s managed.

Avoid the trouble of scrolling through endless emails, shuffling through your weekly calendar of meetings, or having to dig through your memory to recall your workweek. Instead by investing in a system that streamlines the timesheet process, utilize a platform that simplifies this, so you don't have to add "Fill in Timesheet" to your weekly initiatives again while tracking and billing for all your efforts. You can even track time & manage projects wherever you are using our mobile app timers.

It might sound too good to be true, but Accelo software comes with automatic time tracking built into it so professionals can rid themselves of the typical timesheet and track time automatically.


What is timesheet software for accountants?

Accountants may use timesheet software to keep track of billable hours and streamline other administrative activities, allowing them to spend more time working with their customers. Given that time is practically money in the accounting world, selecting the best timesheet solution is a crucial business decision.

Here's a few ways to leverage Accelo's extensive abilities to automate the way you and your team track time: 

Log your time with automated capture

Instead of searching through your planner and scribbled notes, Accelo syncs your calendar, email, and smartphone to pre-populate your timesheet based on the meetings you've attended, email correspondence, and the places you were with the power of geolocation. There are three particular categories you could use to instantly capture into your weekly timesheet: 

  • Meeting Capture: All the calendar appointments you add into Accelo, Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 or G Suite will automatically find its way into your timesheet. 

  • Email Capture: Keep track of all the emails sent/received between you and your clients. The time spent writing and sending emails will instantly fill your timesheet.

  • Task Capture: Any of the tasks added through your Accelo account will be synced through your G Suite or Outlook 365 tasks, these tasks will automatically roll into your timesheet. 

With Accelo's platform, there are several additional ways to log your efforts with Accelo's timers feature. You're able to log time with the Log Time button that appears on multiple screens such as Sales, Projects, Milestones, Tickets, and Retainers, allowing you to quickly log time without creating an Activity. There's the ability to add a time try to one of your Saved Timers from the drop-down menu. You can even create a new Timer from any page on Accelo, equipping you with multiple simple solutions to track your work.

There are so many opportunities when it comes to adopting automated time tracking tools in your daily routine. Tracking time automatically also means that administrative overhead for invoicing and billing is dramatically decreased. By leveraging this in your day-to-day you can expect an increase in accuracy to your timesheet and a decrease in the manual effort across your accounting firm to focus on the work that you love!

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