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Top Project Management Software for Consultants

Learn why consultants that need a reliable project management system that keeps your data secure, equipped with automation, and easy team collaboration turn to Accelo for their business consulting needs.

CRM for Consulting Business

Consultants in search of a sales CRM software to maintain your client communications, we've compiled 7 essential do's and don'ts to help you make the critical decision when it comes to investing in a new CRM software.

Time Tracking for Consultants

Discover the importance of tracking your time and how leveraging Accelo's automated time tracking can dramatically impact your company's time and finances.

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Module Overview

Systemize the entire sales and quoting process with automations and notifications to make sales practice consistent, identify missed opportunities, and increase team coordination to ensure successful delivery of client work

  • Easily convert an accepted quote into a project with just two clicks
  • Seamlessly incorporate sales information into a proposal for accurate project scoping and proper hand-off to service teams
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Sales Module


Module Overview

Successfully plan, manage, track and deliver profitable client work on-time and within budget through real-time project statuses, proper resource utilization, accurate budget details, and clear team and client communications

  • Centralize all client and project information in a single location to keep the team informed and projects on track
  • Leverage the full power of Accelo's client work management platform to easily generate reports and invoices based on projects and milestones
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Projects Module


Module Overview

Empower the support team to manage reactive client support activities with ease and consistently deliver on stellar services to build stronger client relationship without overinvesting and draining resources

  • Easily convert email requests into tickets and filter into a shared inbox, allowing support to quickly self assign, track time spent, and improve billing accuracy
  • Remotely access key client information, such as client projects and communications, in real-time
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Tickets Module


Module Overview

With a dedicated product to manage ongoing client service delivery, Accelo makes it easy to templatize, track and deliver recurring work on-time and within budget, giving your business strong ongoing relationships and predictable revenue.

  • Effectively manage recurring client work with other ad-hoc client projects to ensure sustainable business growth
  • Analyze repeatable work to identify the most important, profitable clients
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Retainer Module


Module Overview

Automatically capture detailed and important client work information to the invoice and integrate with the most popular accounting softwares to ensure accurate billing, avoid back and forth with the client and expedite the payment process

  • Automatically log time spent on client emails, meetings and work to capture all billable hours
  • Generate a detailed invoice capturing all client activity and showing the true time and value of your service
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Billing Module


Module Overview

Harness all client data with an integrated, powerful business intelligence platform to track and measure business performance and profitability while forecasting and preparing for the future without needing another tool

  • Integrate teams, clients, and work into a single platform to easily access the most up-to-date information
  • Foster deep and contextual insights through reliable and trustworthy data
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Reports Module

Built For Your Service Business

Accelo is the ServOps platform that you’ve always wanted. Easy-to-use, automated and intelligent - Accelo lets you finally run your entire business in the cloud. Experience the most streamlined, integrated, and powerful Service Operations Automation software that easily allows you to connect all the moving parts of your business in one cloud-based platform.

Accelo ServOps includes Sales, Projects, Service and Retainers to manage your entire business, from prospect to close and everything in between.

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The Smarter CRM

Accelo Sales is the only sales and marketing platform built specifically for professionals. By focusing on your needs, Accelo Sales skips the complexity and clunkiness common in other sales products to help you focus on important client relationships.

With powerful technology, the platform almost entirely eliminates data entry, automatically importing all of your emails and appointments with clients into a platform that grows and learns as you grow. Accelo Sales lets you focus on your clients while it takes care of the little details.

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Beyond Collaboration

By combining the key needs of project planning, tracking and collaboration in one platform, and then making it easy to assign work, track progress and see budgets and profitability in real time, Accelo Projects makes it easy to manage all of your client work in one place.

With support for both traditional and agile methodologies (including within the same project), Accelo Projects is a platform for your whole team to use throughout the life of a project, in real time and on any device.

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Scalable Support Ticketing

Accelo Service is designed for professionals who need to deliver outstanding client service, and get paid for it. With powerful and configurable business processes and automation, Accelo Service gives your business a scalable, repeatable platform for delivering quality service, faster.

By combining client requests, ticket tracking, time and expense logging and integrated billing, Accelo Service eliminates administrative burdens so you and your team can focus on your clients.

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Effortless Contract Management

Accelo Retainers makes it easy for professionals to provide ongoing service to their best clients - the ones who are more partners than customers. With the ability to set up highly flexible service contracts with clients - pre-paid, post-paid, hybrid, fixed price, unlimited hours and more - Accelo Retainers takes the administrative burden out of delivering ongoing services to clients.

With automated billing, recurring tasks and notification triggers, you can get a heads up when included time is running out and makes it easier than ever to engage your best clients and track your ongoing services in real-time.

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Deeper Analytic Capabilities

With over 50 live reports available without any configuration or setup, accessible securely and directly within the Accelo platform, our Reports Module gives you and your team the ability to make data-driven decisions that impact the success of your business today and in the future.

Managers of services businesses of any size can take full advantage of our interactive, intelligent reports engine to get clarity on what is going on in your business. Take the guesswork out of your most important business decisions.

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