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Project Management Software for Consultants

Choosing the right project management software as a business consultant is crucial.  Getting stuck with a project management software that doesn’t deliver, or one that makes your life harder instead of easier is something no one deserves to suffer through.  The problem is, there’s so many project management software available.  Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “Is there a project management software built specifically for consultants?” The answer is yes, and outlined below you’ll find all the reasons why we think that Accelo is the absolute best project management software for consultants.

Make sure your data is secure.

The digital world has never been more treacherous. Cyberwarfare is at an all-time high. Whether working on a project that touches confidential client data, or your own intellectual property, consultants need a way to assure clients that their data will be safe for the duration of a contract.

Chances are this isn’t your first time around the block, and you already know why cloud based business tools make your life easier - but did you know that they can also help secure your data and deliverables?  Accelo makes sure that every single connection between your computer or wireless device and the Accelo servers is encrypted, using 265-bit security encryption which is roughly twice as strong as many banks use today.  That means you can assure your clients that their data is safe, and protect yourself and your projects from cyber threats.

Track time spent on tasks automatically.

Even for consultants who are not billing directly for their hours, tracking time is crucial for consultants to understand how they allot their billable hours throughout the workday.  In fact, almost anyone can benefit from the insights gained from automatic time tracking.  Tracking time used to be an ugly mess filled with time sheets, punch clocks, and memory-recall.  

Thankfully, consultants, professionals, and small businesses can now leverage automatic time tracking because it’s built right into the entire Accelo’s product line.  Of course, for those lucrative retainer contracts and hourly billing, the automatic time tracking module in Accelo becomes your fast track to a cool payday.

Keep track of client communication, feedback, and issues.

Even missing one key conversation, memo, or email can be the difference between wowing your clients and winning that ultrahigh-margin 4-year contract, or having to sit through a painfully awkward and embarrassing meeting.  To avoid the latter situation, and to make sure no client communication slips through the cracks, consultants need a CRM that’s smart and automated: one that logs all client touchpoints, emails, and communication history automatically.  Client’s are demanding, and their needs dynamic, Accelo takes the pain out of keeping track of client communication.

Revise deadlines in real-time.

Let’s face it, projects don’t always go according to plan.  For projects in the real world, consultants need a way to modify deadlines, milestones, and tasks in real-time - whether their on-site or working remotely.  Ultimately project management software is intended to make a project manager and their team more effective.  Some “project management” software just doesn’t cut it - yes, it’s cloud-based, yes, it’s been around since 1998, but it’s nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet and email thread.  Consultants demand a project management system with real-time flexibility that automates resource management. With easy team collaboration and powerful reporting, Accelo lets consultants and teams accomplish more in less time.

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