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The Truth About Time Tracking for Consultants

Everyone has heard the saying, time is money. And while cash and product inventory are tracked rigorously, tracking time effectively is easier said than done, and often neglected. If you haven't seen it already, check out data that shows just how much professional services businesses are impacted by inefficient time tracking.  

Some might think of time tracking and picture a cacophony of manual timesheets, punch cards, and even the dreaded sticky note. And even though technology has largely revolutionized everything in the modern world, time tracking for professionals who get paid solely based on billable time has been left behind until now. Accelo is a cloud based software that helps consultants and professionals run their business more efficiently.  It was made by former agency and consultancy owners and has been tailored specifically for client-facing and consulting businesses.  That’s why Accelo’s software comes with automatic time tracking built into it - so professionals can ditch the timesheet and start tracking time automatically.

Some professionals simply see automatic time tracking just means a fast track to a cool payday, but automatic time tracking provides incredibly valuable business intelligence and analytics to professional consultants.  By having all billable time tracked automatically in one intuitive dashboard, consultants can easily see how much time is spent on each task, project, service issue and more.  

Deeper insight into profitability is instantly gained when data from automatic time tracking gets segmented by project, client, and category.  The end result is a more intelligent and data-driven optimization of service and product delivery.  Consultants can then instantly see what processes and services are high or low return-on-time, and calibrate accordingly.

In the past, time tracking analysis meant a large manual data entry and analysis using cumbersome tools.  With automatic time tracking from Accelo, it’s never been this easy to gain deeper business insight and get paid faster.

Tracking time automatically also means that administrative overhead for invoicing and billing is dramatically decreased.  In fact, most professional service and consulting businesses using Accelo report that they’ve been able to cut time spent invoicing by over 80% after starting with Accelo (see the case study here).

To sum it all up, tracking your time automatically is more than just a timesaver, it’s a powerful business intelligence tool for consultants who get paid based on contracts and time-billable.  There’s no extra work involved in automatic time tracking because it’s built-in directly to Accelo's product line. By utilizing a cloud-based software, professionals and consultants can track time, invoicing clients, and achieve powerful team collaboration from anywhere and on any device.

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