NinjaRMM Professional Services Automation (PSA) Integration for Remote Monitoring and Operations Automation

Run your MSP business through a seamless two-way integration between RMM and PSA

Seamless Ticketing

Visibility of Client Assets

Move Between Platforms Seamlessly

Remote Access

Manage Your Contacts from Lead to Revenue


NinjaRMM's patent-pending, low-footprint agent runs across Windows and Mac endpoints using native platform data acquisition techniques. You can monitor a host of information, including Processors, Running processes, Disk and volume information and usage, Memory, Network adapters and utilization, Public and private IP address, Software and hardware inventory, Microsoft Security Center status, Windows product key, Device serial number and many more!



NinjaRMM's cloud engine can externally monitor all aspects of your Internet-facing infrastructure. It’s perfect for application servers and websites, with features including, ping latency and availability, port compliance on inbound ports, DNS resolution with response times, HTTP GET and POST requests for website and external system monitoring and email monitoring of sent and received emails to verify the health of email servers.


Capture, trace, and audit changes to your infrastructure, get a real-time feed of system activities, track how technicians are using the system and log all changes, create notifications for all device and system level events, log a suite of varying activities without having to create a configuration and there is zero setup required, activities will start populating as soon as the agent is deployed.

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