Ambassador Program

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What is the Ambassador Program?

A referral program to incentivize and reward our loyal Accelo customers, partners, and consultants who help spread the word about Accelo’s powerful cloud technology, designed to help professional service businesses manage their client work.

The Value:

Clients need your expertise to optimize their business, navigate change management, and choose the best tools to get the job done. As an Accelo Ambassador, you can build on your strengths with modern, business-focused insights, while receiving some financial incentives from your referrals that result in a new customer for Accelo.  In addition, the businesses you refer also win with professional service discounts only available through the Ambassador Program, resulting in a win-win for everyone. Designed to be quick, easy, and automated, the Accelo Ambassador Program is great for:

  • People who love Accelo and want to tell their friends and associates about it!
  • Membership based associations whose members would benefit from Accelo's feature
  • Digital publishers, thought leaders, and others who often have people coming to them for advice and recommendations for tools to run their business better
  • .. and anyone else who'd like to spread the word about Accelo and get rewarded in return for their efforts

Your time is valuable, but your reputation is paramount

The Incentives:

For every referral that results in a new customer to Accelo, the Ambassador will receive $250 as a thank you in the form of a credit on your Accelo invoice or a gift card.  These incentives may be made payable to the business or individuals, the choice is yours.  Payouts will be sent within 60 days of the referrals contract execution and the first license payment to Accelo.

As an added bonus, the client that was referred to Accelo will receive a $500 credit to be used towards their Professional Services with Accelo.  This discount is only available when a client has been referred by an Ambassador and applies on top of any additional special offers or incentives that might be available.

Become an Ambassador:

  1. Register your interest to become an Ambassador using the form below.
  2. Our team will get in touch and learn a bit more about your business and the people who you hope to refer to Accelo and answer any questions you have about the Ambassador Program.
  3. Submit your referrals, where you can be as involved as you want to be in your referrals evaluation and buying process.
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