Certified Partner Program

Certified Partners provide advice, consulting, training, implementation, configuration and support to their clients.

  • Includes a full training to learn how to sell & implement Accelo.
  • Listing in our partner directory - we'll send you leads!
  • Earn an ongoing margin on subscriptions you sell and support.
  • Earn additional services revenue by providing implementation, training, premium support and other services.
  • Ideal for cloud resellers, MSPs, technology consultants & IT service providers - anyone with professional service clients.

Do you have a passion for business, technology and helping clients embrace the cloud? Become a Certified Partner to earn ongoing revenue & provide high value services to your clients


 Who the Certified Partner Program is designed for

The Accelo Certified Partner Program is for businesses that want to include Accelo as a key part of their service offering for clients - providing sales, configuration, implementation, training and support to their clients on an ongoing basis.

Examples of the kinds of businesses well suited to the partner program include:

  • Resellers of other Cloud/SaaS products, like Google Apps, Office365, Box and others. 
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who provide ongoing outsourced IT service management. 
  • Technology consultants; Analysts and Advisers who advise training, project management and support technology projects.
  • Business Process Management Consultants who want a platform to bring their knowledge to life and support their clients.

If you’d rather just recommend and refer Accelo to your clients, associates or other people you influence, check out our Ambassador Program - it is quick, easy, free to join and you can earn up to $250 for every new account you refer that signs up to a paid account and the referral client will get $500 in free professional services.

 How to become a Certified Partner

Becoming a partner is a five step process:

  1. Register your interest using the form below
    Our team will get in touch to learn a bit more about your business and answer any other questions you have about the partner program. 
  2. Pay a one-time fee of US $1995
    This cost covers the 6-part training program that is essential (and required) to become a Certified Partner. 
  3. Complete the training course
    Undertake the 6-part online training course to learn how to sell, implement & support Accelo. 
  4. Undertake 2 client implementations of Accelo
    Don’t worry, our expert team will be standing behind you as you “go solo” for the first time. 
  5. Join the ranks of our Certified Partners
    Once you've completed the training program and the two client implementations, you become an official certified partner. You will be listed on the Accelo website as a Certified Partner and you'll be paid a commission for new clients that you bring to Accelo.


 What you’ll get as a Certified Partner

  • Training & Certification
    We’ll provide you with training through 6 online training sessions for you and your team to make sure that only the best, most capable businesses are able to call themselves Certified Partners. 
  • Priority support
    When you’re out there selling to, training and supporting your clients, you never need to feel alone. Accelo Certified Partners get their own priority support email address and escalation phone number - so you’re never left out on your own. 
  • Sales materials
    We’ll provide you with sales materials, teach you our sales process and give you access to our demo sites to help you show prospective clients the features and benefits of Accelo. 
  • Support materials
    We’ll provide you with training and support materials so that you can quickly and easily start offering paid training, implementation and support services for your clients.
  • $500 for every new Certified Partner you introduce
    If you know other businesses that would be great Accelo Certified Partners, introduce them to the program through the Registration Form below and if they become Certified Partners we’ll also give you $500 to say thanks! 
  • A Listing on Accelo.com
    Once you become a Certified Partner, your business will be listed on the Accelo.com website. Trial users of Accelo will be encouraged to check out the partner directory - sending your business leads that you can still earn margin from if you close & support them. 
  • Early access to new features
    There’s always new and exciting features coming out of the Accelo labs. Get an inside run with special access to development platforms and heads up on new features so you’re never caught on the back foot. 
  • Your own development & test Accelo instance
    Certified partners will also get their own test and demo platform for Accelo free of charge. Great for demos and experimenting without affecting your sensitive business data, this environment is free for you to setup and configure as you wish. 
  • Certified Partner Dashboard (coming soon)
    We’ll be introducing a new partner dashboard soon which will allow you see the deployments that are under your Certified Partner accounts, including active user counts, margin share and usage. 


Register your interest in becoming a Certified Partner below:

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