11 Places to Find Development & Web Design Clients

20-Jul 2016
Sarah, Arielle Shnaidman

For agencies specializing in web design, web development or other consulting work, finding new clients is about knowing where to look. There are a number of resources and platforms meant to match companies with digital agencies, so we put together a  list of websites and services to help you find your next project. Your impressive portfolio will take over from there!

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Find potential clients:

Dribble: One of the top platforms to showcase talent and work. From freelance to full-time, listings come from around the world. They also offer a Jobs RSS feed and a Twitter feed, so you never miss new opportunities. 

The San Francisco EGOTIST: A creative, online community local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Their job listings also show jobs, freelance work and internships across North America, London, Sydney, Auckland, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai and Budapest. 

SimplyHired: An acclaimed job board site that publishes over 8 million listings, including contract, temporary and freelance work. 

Krop: A creative industry job board and portfolio hosting website based in Calabasas, California. They represent a global audience and list an extensive jobs database.

Coroflot: Another job board and portfolio hosting site that meant to put creative talent in front of decision makers.

Smashing Jobs: From the popular Smashing Magazine blog, Smashing Jobs provides a place for readers to find work in design, programming and more.

Authentic Jobs: An online community where companies and creative professionals can find one another.

Behance: A leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work.

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Expose your agency:

Along with spearfishing efforts, you might want to let clients looking for creative professionals find you. The following are sites where agencies can display work for companies to discover. 

Sorfolio: A website built to help companies to find web designers for their projects. 

WWDC - Which Web Design Company: An online platform that also helps companies or interested parties in finding a web designer or digital agency for their business needs.

Agency Tool: Another platform that seeks to both list and expose digital agencies to interested companies.

Let us know in the comments if you found these useful!

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