Software is one area you want to steer clear of when it comes to buyer's remorse, rash decisions, and spontaneous splurges at all costs! Specifically, service businesses can't afford to leave software decisions up to chance, especially when it can impact critical business components like how your team operates, your business' profitability, and ultimately success. 

Customer reviews are your software purchasing lifesaver. Reputation and depth of insight from a review site can make all the difference when researching a new product to procure. Around 92% of B2B buyers report that they are more likely to make a purchase after reading a trusted review. Review sites provide prospective buyers a resource to learn hands-on insight and personal experiences from colleagues of a similar space, helping to instill trust and confidence in the potential purchase.

Recently G2, a popular B2B review website read by more than 3 million buyers monthly who are searching for tools to streamline and enhance their business operations, named Accelo a Summer 2019 Leader for Professional Services Automation Software. 

See what Accelo can do for your business! Check out 11 stand-out features that resonate with other service businesses out there and how these functions positively impacted their business.

1. Never Miss a Ticket with a Ticket Tracking System

"It is a breeze to keep on top of tickets and to assess which team members are doing tickets and how they are fixing issues. Then we can create a knowledge database from the ticketing information on best practices." - Stanley M.

2. Comprehensive Client Portal 

"As part of our management services, we actively serve 100+ properties and systems. The Accelo Client Portal allows us to receive, prioritize, and track customer tickets and requests all in one place. This feature is mission-critical for us to continue to scale our operation." - Magnus R.

3. Access to Diverse Reports

"We love the myriad of reports provided by Accelo that help us make more informed business decisions. It definitely helps bridge the Sales and Consultant gap, which is a common problem businesses face when their consultancy business grows to a size larger than 15 people. Data drives success, and Accelo definitely excels at that." - Foogie Sim Foo G.

4. Increased Transparency Across Teams and Finances

"Accelo is a great product if you want transparency on how your staff is tracking against budgets, tasks, and timeframes for clients, and also internal projects. Consultants are having to own their own budgets as they are updated live and can be seen by all levels of management. Transparency is key." - Misti B.

"It's a central source for all our operations activities and then some. For the first time, we can see what's going on between support, projects, retainers, and sales." - Kevin W.

5. Eliminate Hours of Administrative Invoicing

"A lot of processes were manual as opposed to now our whole end-to-end workflow is automated. With Accelo, time spent invoicing has dropped from around 20 hours to 1 - 2 hours." - Scott K.

6. Track Emails With Ease

"The email tracking is a lifesaver, I don't have to sort through a bunch of emails to find one specific thing. I can just go to the company and check the stream of emails for that specific client." - Joshua A.

7. Effectively Manage Projects and Retainers

"My favorite feature is without a doubt the real-time profitability dashboard for projects and retainers. With Accelo we were able to get a birds-eye view of projects and retainers and see how well you're performing as people report time or expenses." - Lucas E.

8. Stay On Top of Budget

"Accelo does a good job helping our marketing agency set up and manage retainers for clients and manage the budget of time they have available." - Randy M.

9. Real-time Visibility with Team and Time Tracking

"I am now able to effectively track my team's time allocations and receive a clearer understanding of actual time and tasks completed for client work/company work." - Kate B. 

10. Keep Team Schedules Organized

"It's our step-by-step, step by step asset and booking device for the bustling organization. We've attempted a lot of different alternatives, which all missed the mark concerning key highlights. Accelo appears to have each solicitation I thought of." - Tammy G.

11. Run Your Business Operations From One Place

"In a project management environment, it is challenging to find a tool that bridges the gap in CRM/PM/Finance, with the Xero integration it has meant we are joining the dots." - Tony G.

"Accelo is a strong tool that has extensive customizations to support the typical agency value stream - from lead to sale to contract to project to loyalty." - Mina T. 

"It's our day-by-day, hour-by-hour resource and scheduling tool for the busy agency. We've tried plenty of other options, which all fell short of key features. Accelo seems to have every request I come up with." - Valentina B.

Whether you're an agency, managed service provider (MSP), accounting firm, or consulting firm, Accelo is equipped with an array of resources to help you combat the everyday challenges you'll come across as a service business. Efficiently run your business operations from prospect to payment with Accelo, give it a try today


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