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3 Ways ServOps Can Grow Your Agency

3-Oct 2017

Working at a digital agency can be highly rewarding when you get to do the work you love, but a lot of your time inevitably gets allocated to admin work. Things like managing your projects, staying on top of your client accounts, and making sure you’re in the loop with client communications can weigh you down. In order to grow, you need to be able to automate repeatable processes with ServOps. On that note, here are three perks to smart automation that’ll help you succeed:

1. Dynamic Project Planning:

If you can’t easily plan, manage, and execute your projects from the quote all the way through to delivery, then you’re missing out on the streamlined benefits of Service Operations Automation (and should really consider a different option). You’re busy - you don’t have time to be dealing with spreadsheets and manually inputting information as it comes. But, if you could simply add your quote info into a smart platform at the beginning of a project (and then never worry about the details again), you’d be project-planning like never before!

2. Measure and Control Costs:

Spending too much time on managing your project budgets can really take a toll on your work. Plus, when it comes to measuring and controlling your costs, a lot of that revolves around managing your team’s time and skills well. You need to maximize the contribution of each person on your team while monitoring and analyzing your productivity and resources. The easiest way to do that? Find a ServOps platform that automatically lets you see your team’s schedule (in real-time) with flexible team scheduling and real-time profitability dashboards.

3. Transparent Client Communication:

As your agency grows, the demand on your team increases and it becomes harder to manage who’s doing what, who emailed who - the list goes on. That kind of disorganization leads to unintentional human error, which can end up costing your company (and reputation). But, what if you could have a complete view of all your client communications from one simple place, without ever having to Slack a colleague? With a ServOps stream that automatically populates with all team and client correspondences, you’ll never have to.

Automate your way to growth and do more with less. Take some time to explore your options so that you pick a ServOps platform that works for you. If you like, check out how Accelo might be a good fit.

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