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3 Reasons to Use Automated Triggers

10-Jul 2017

Finally, there’s a way to take the hassle out of managing your work, communicating with clients, and keeping track of your time. How? With automated triggers that help you run your business with ease.

Just like a self-driving car, automated triggers (or notifications) will keep you on track and on budget when it comes to delivering big projects - so that you can avoid any speed bumps and focus on what lies ahead.

So - here are 3 ways of using automated triggers to manage more successful projects and teams:

1. Team Management

Assign a task to a sales rep, your support team, or a project manager with automated triggers - so that important client work or tickets never fall through the cracks. That way, you can proactively manage your team and projects in order to meet fixed deadlines without facing any major hiccups.

The right smart platform will also let you set and release triggers within certain time periods - so that you can spend your days, weeks, or months working more efficiently than ever before.

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2. Streamlined Communication

Automatically convert email requests that come in with the word ‘urgent’ into high-priority issues that can be solved in an instant. By automating this process, you’ll be able to ensure that your client's needs are always being met and that no problem ever goes unsolved.

3. Project Management

Staying organized and informed without smart automation technology is hard - especially if you’re working between various email accounts or messenger apps. With automated triggers, this no longer needs to be the case! You’ll be able to set up reminders for important events, meetings, or deadlines - to easily stay on top of your work (and social life).

The best part? You can set up reminders to touch base with valuable clients who you do work for on an ongoing basis, and who you need to maintain a positive relationship with - it’s never been easier!

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