The Invoice Makeover

3 Ways MSPs Can Send Invoices That Clients Love

29-Mar 2019
Building Revenue

Invoices are where the rubber hits the road for MSPs. You're asking to get paid for the value you create, but several MSPs miss out on the opportunity to showcase that value. Instead, they fall into the trap of thinking they're just something meant for the accountants to process like any other piece of necessary paperwork.

The work you do is often out of sight from your clients' point of view. The invoice is a pivotal way to showcase what you've been doing, while at the same time reminding your clients that it's time to pay for the services you completed.

We've compiled three ways to transform lackluster, unforgettable standard invoices into one that'll leave your clients with a positive, long lasting impression:

1. Include a lot more detail about what you're doing for the client!

It's your time to shine! This is where you can focus on the work detail that invoices have. You'll want to be thoughtful about how much information you share, e.g., if you're going to share work logs, should you include the time logged or just focus on the fact it was Person X who did work Y on date Z. But if you're you're sending one page invoices out of an accounting system without the supporting information about the value you've created, you're doing yourself a disservice and missing out on a major opportunity to highlight your work.

bad invoice msp

(Standard invoice - steer away from being too simplistic)

2. Bring together all the work you're doing - tickets, projects and service agreements into one dynamic invoice.

By doing so, focus on how modern operations automation system allow you to bring together the work your team has done on projects, tickets and retainers into the same invoice. It's a positive domino effect! The more you're able to deck out your invoice with, the more you can show and demonstrate the value, and in turn the more likely the client will approve it and pay you in a timely fashion (which is key to your business' survival). When you send all the invoices in one neat package, rather than sending out separate ones (e.g., one per ticket) you make it easier on the clients' end, and avoid letting anything slip through the cracks.

invoice msps(Upgraded invoice filled with dynamic information. GIF courtesy of Implementation Specialist, Pat Doyle)

3. Automate the process!

Invoicing can feel like a chore, but with automation it doesn't have to take up a lot of time and with the end product you look like an all-star for your client. When it comes to automation there's two quick ways to leverage and benefit from it:

  • By automating invoice creation with a wizard make the invoicing process super simple and easy. Bulk invoicing and the use of templates ensure you decrease the manual effort on your part and create invoices in much less time, but consistently impressive.

  • In addition to setting up invoices for the look and feel (after all all invoices should be proud statements of your brand), you can also control the level of detail you want to provide. All clients are different, for example we all have some clients who are the pedantic types and it's more preferable to not to share as much information with. Templates give us the foundation to shape the invoice for each client accordingly.

Invoices are key to long-term business success. Rather than viewing them as bothersome chores or underwhelming materials for your clients to receive, you can turn them into a real showpiece that highlight your efforts and value. If you can't easily do these three things, it might be time to pivot toward new technology that can help you like Accelo! 

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