3 Ways Smart Technology Can Alleviate Frustration For Accountants

10-Mar 2017

Have you ever felt frustrated with your software, staff or communication process?

If yes, don’t worry - you’re not alone.

While frustration might be a common feeling among accountants, it can be avoided with the right technology - especially with a service operations software that integrates with the tools you need to grow your firm.

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The right service operations platform will automate and streamline your daily workflow, in turn, preventing you from feeling frustrated, unmotivated and unclear of what’s even happening to your bottom line.

So without further ado, here are 3 ways an accountant can use a service operations platform for complete business automation: 

1. QuickBooks & Xero Integration

Keep your accounting and production teams on the same page by automatically syncing invoices and payments from your Xero account to your smart platform. For example, you’ll be able to import ledger codes, tax codes and customer data into a single dashboard where client information can be automatically calculated and updated for you. Just imagine how much time you'll save with paperless tax returns which could actually be costing you up to 10,000 in leaked revenue each year.

2. Saasu Integration

Give your accounting team a live view of what has (and has not) been invoiced without having to access separate systems. This will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to invoicing for billable hours - because it's automatically being logged for you as you go.

Apart from importing, editing and sending invoices (just to main a few), you’ll be able to set-up recurring payments so that both your employees and your clients can get paid faster and from the same dashboard they work in.

3. Google Apps and Office365 Integration

Even if you only manage a small team of accountants, working between several tools could be affecting your productivity and hurting your bottom line. How? Because instead of spending time on valuable client work, you’re busy jumping between disconnected tools trying to locate scattered pieces of information or team schedules.

Eliminate this timely process with a Google apps or Office365 integration that will capture all of your emails (to and from clients) and pull in your contacts, tasks, and appointments from any contacts list or calendar.

Every email (sent or received) will be automatically stored so you can easily pull up a client's records in an instant - imagine that!  

If you like the sound of using a smart platform to integrate with several tools you need to grow, check this out. Or click here to learn how an Accountancy just like yours benefited from using an automated software solution.

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