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3 Ways to Increase Transparency

29-Jun 2018

We talk a lot about transparency at Accelo, but that’s because it’s the number one contributor to employee satisfaction in the workplace. Transparency lends itself well to a culture where people want to come into the office and bond with their co-workers each day; a sense of community that's pretty invaluable. Without it, the whole company suffers. A lack of transparency negatively influences performance, revenue, and more importantly, culture.

In the Entrepreneur article Let’s Be Real: Why Transparency in Business Should Be the Norm, they state, “employees put a high premium on transparency in their interactions with different levels of management, going as far as naming it the top factor in determining their happiness and satisfaction in the workplace...

No one wants to work for a company if they don’t know what it stands for and what its long-term plans are.”

While there are tools like Accelo that exist to increase visibility throughout various businesses and teams, there are also some immediate steps you can take to create a transparent company culture today, including:

1. Share Calendars

Co-workers learn from each other and having access to coworkers’ calendars helps others manage their own time. With the Accelo Team Scheduling functionality, it’s easy to find time to work together and meet with managers or direct reports. You can even sync your personal and professional calendars so that your colleagues can schedule around any external appointments you may have.

2. Speak Up

Do you share revenue, CAC (customer acquisition cost), business goals, and marketing spend with your company? Being open and honest about company operations leads to higher morale and productivity - and with more work, comes more money - so there truly is value in speaking up.

3. Open the Door

Is there an open door policy at your office? Something as simple as having an open door policy will promote transparency and open communication. Being available to team members facilitates an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions and collaborating with others. Unnecessary meetings are avoided when communication remains open, removing a line that separates managers and employees.

If you’re not sure where to start, then begin a free trial with Accelo. Our clients love the visibility that our platform provides, from client communication and scheduling to invoicing and billing.

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