4 Good Habits Every Project Manager Should Have

May 5 2017 read

Wondering how to be the best (or a better) project manager at your digital agency?

Here are 4 common habits of successful project managers that you can implement into your workflow and processes:

1. Plan for success

At digital agencies, you’re constantly being hit with curve balls, so project plans need to be flexible (so that you can easily restructure to account for new changes). The best digital project managers invest time in finding a smart platform that gives them an overview of everything that’s going on - so that they can dynamically plan for success and adjust as scope changes.

Tools with easy-to-use drag and drop Gantt charts that facilitate project structure and planning are key to ensure you never miss a beat.

If you need a quick solution that can be applied today, simply try factoring in some extra time around your project deadlines, to make sure there’s plenty of room to resolve unexpected problems that arise.

2. Communicate with clients

Understand that priorities and project plans will change, deadlines will be missed, and scope will set in. But communication must stay consistent. Why? So you can save time and keep your team focussed on the task at hand.
Instead of dealing with email forwards, CC’s and FYIs, invest in an automated smart platform that can sync with your Gmail or Outlook accounts, and in turn, streamline your entire communication process.

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You’ll also be able to set up a shared inbox for your entire team, so they can easily access and find the information they need to deliver their best work, every time.

3.  Delegate

To be a better digital project manager, you must be aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and their workloads - so that you can allocate tasks accordingly.

Despite trying their best, successful project managers understand that they can’t do it all, especially at a busy digital agency. That’s why they delegate smaller projects and tasks to their team - and so should you. Having a platform with a Team Scheduling feature that shows you who is available (in real-time) to be staffed on a project enables you to be proactive and ultimately avoid missing a deadline.

4. Use automated technology

Think of your project management software as the central nervous system of your business, or the engine that makes everything run smoothly.

The best digital project managers will opt for an automated smart platform that can improve their team's productivity with features like automated triggers, time tracking, team scheduling and much more. That way, they have more time and insight into their business to manage every project successfully.

So - to become the best manager you can be, and to start running your business more efficiently, try working on a smart automated platform today - just click here to get started!

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