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4 Reasons Agencies Should Adopt a Client Portal

By Christa Balingit
Marketing Communications Manager
Apr 8 2020 read

Anyone who has worked in an agency knows the environment is fast-paced, stressful, and - more often than not - unorganized. With a variety of technology tools that claim to help solve these pain points, it can be hard to choose which one is the best for your agency. One tool agencies are investing more time into is client portals (like the functionality that Accelo offers). A Client Portal gives your client, as well as your internal team members, one place where they can access all of the information needed to streamline the delivery of client work.

Here’s a list of benefits agencies can expect by investing in a Client Portal

  • Saved Time

Time is one of the most valuable assets an agency has. With so little of it to go around, agencies must learn to adopt technologies that free up time for employees to focus on delivering quality work. Internally, less time will be spent on checking in with team members to get the latest updates on a client project or navigating to multiple tools to get a holistic view of what’s been happening with a certain client. These may seem like a small task that takes no more than ten minutes to do, but that time adds up when you work with multiple clients. 

  • Increased Productivity 

By having all internal and external communications consolidated into one place, a significant amount of time is saved by both parties which results in improved productivity for employees. A Client Portal helps keep track of projects, priorities, important documents, and so much more. With all of this information just a few clicks away, employees have the resources needed to complete deliverables, projects and tasks agilely. 

  • Improved Quality of Service 

When agencies are faced with a fire drill, an unavoidable situation that comes with working with many clients at one time, a delayed response can leave a negative impression with a client. Agencies need to be quick to respond in client emergencies and anything less can come off as unorganized or leave the client feeling unprioritized. A Client Portal allows all internal team members to have access to email threads, so anyone can jump in and respond. This high level of visibility also helps improve brainstorming, as everyone is up-to-date and has the context needed to make thoughtful recommendations. 

  • More Transparency 

Transparency is key to nurturing a positive, long-lasting client relationship. Customers spend thousands of dollars on agencies and want to know that their money is being spent on getting meaningful results. A Client Portal provides the information needed to ease their minds and solidify their confidence in an agency's expertise. Give your clients an easily accessible place to monitor and track current activity. Securing their trust in the beginning can also lead to more work later down the road. Additionally, having more transparency means everyone is included in conversations and decisions. There’s a certain feeling of camaraderie and increased commitment that happens when everyone has access to the same information at all times. 

Agencies that take the time to invest in a Client Portal see significant benefits such as offering a superb customer service experience that results in longer-lasting relationships. If you’re ready to take your client service to get the next level, Accelo can help you turn those one-off clients into loyalists. Check out our Client Portal today!

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